ST AmCup 1 & Fall WC Qualifier - POSTPONED

Kearns, Utah

Oct. 02 - 04, 2020


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, USS has decided to postpone the Short Track Am Cup 1 scheduled for October 2-4 in Salt Lake City until further notice. USS is following the guidance of the ISU (Comm 2327), USOPC, and CDC guidelines to ensure that events, if they are run, can be do so in a safe manner for all those involved. USS is in the process of reviewing the Short Track Rules and Regulations as well as the preselection criteria for the 2022 Olympic Trials with the USOPC. Pending the decisions announced by the ISU expected before August 31, there will be a clearer direction for USS to take with regard to our American Cup series of events. Options being considered for AmCup 1 at this time are:

A) Postponement of AmCup 1 to a later date

B) Outright cancellation of AmCup 1

C) Movement of AmCup 1 closer to AmCup 2 and running two events back to back


The situation remains fluid and ever changing. We will try our best to be as transparent as possible through our USS member news. The intent would to be to announce any new event dates a minimum of 10 weeks prior to being rescheduled. If you have questions please contact:
Andréa Do-Duc, ST Program Director at