USS ST Fall WC Qualifier / AmCup 1 / YOG Qualifier

Kearns, Utah

Oct. 04 - 06, 2019


Live Results

Live Stream

Please note that 40 spots are reserved for US skaters male & female respectively and an additional 20 are reserved for international participants. 

If you are a USS member and do not compete for a foreign country please register under one of the following:

Registration Men - USS Members

Additional Men's spots open 9/17 at 5:10pm MST

Registration Ladies - USS Members

Entry deadline is 9/24/19 at 5pm MT. Late entries are possible until 9/30/19 pending available spots.


If you are an international skater or dual citizen competing for a country other than the US please register here:

Registration Men - International

Registration Ladies - International

Entry deadline for international skaters is 9/16/19 at 5pm MT. No late entries are allowed.


Preliminary Race Schedule

Day 1: 1500m &  500m Qualifying Rounds, Mixed Relay Semi
Day 2: 1500m & 500m Remaining Qualifying through Finals, Relay L & M Semi
Day 3: 1000m Qualifying through Finals, Mixed Relay Finals, Relay L & M Finals

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