This area provides coaching and training resources for track & field athletes and coaches. Coaches can often be the difference makers in the lives of youth with physical disabilities aspiring to compete in track & field.

"One day after school, before our season started, I saw this young athlete with his racing wheelchair and asked him if he did road races or what. He told me he trains for track meets; I told him he needs to be a part of our high school team, and he is. Our high school track team has close to 300 athletes, and to make this young man feel as part of team during warm ups, team meeting, traveling, talking about scholarships, and training has been no different than any other student athlete on our team."  -Arizona High School Track & Field Coach 

Coaching Resources
U.S. Paralympics Track and Field Level 1 (add-on) Course (website)
USOC Sport Performance and Coaching Education (website)
U.S. Paralympics Track and Field video library (website)
USOC Coaching video library (website)
Paralympic Sport TV (website)
IPC Athletics Education Programs (website)

Track Events
How to Use a Split Time Chart (pdf document)
Split Time Chart (pdf document)
How to write a training plan (pdf document)

Seated Throws
Throwing Chair Diagram I (pdf document)
Throwing Chair Design (pdf document)
Beginner Shot Put (pdf document)
IPC Athletics Updated Seated Throws Rules (pdf document)

Wheelchair Track Racing
Wheelchair Racing Technique Videos (website)
Tire Coating Racing Handrims (pdf document)
How-to Build Hard Gloves (video)
Wheelchair Track Racing Equipment Overview (video)
Preparing for Competition (video)
Glove Making-Materials Needed (video)
Trigger Glove (video)
Flat Glove (video)
Shoulder Strength: W Position (video)
Shoulder Strength: Y Position (video)
Shoulder Strength: T Position (video)
Shoulder Strength: L Position (video)

Visually Impaired
Guide Running (video)
Guide Running example (video)

Coaching Forms
Athlete Attendance Form (pdf document)
Athlete Emergency Contact Information Sheet (pdf document)
Injury Report (pdf document)
Training Session Planning Sheet (Word document)

Periodization Forms
Daily Training Planner (Excel document)
Weekly Training Planner (pdf document)
Mesocycle Training Planner (pdf document)
Microcycle Training Planner (Word document)

High School Inclusion Examples
Model 1 (pdf document)
Model 2 (pdf document)
Model 3 (pdf document)