Soccer made its debut at the Paralympic Games in 1984. The U.S. team first competed in the 1992 Barcelona Games.  The best U.S. finish was a fourth-place finish during the 1996 Atlanta Games.  The U.S. team regularly competes in several additional international tournaments, including the Pan American Championships, the World Championships, the World Cup, and several "friendly" tournaments. Soccer 7-a-side was eliminated from the Paralympic Games program after the Rio 2016 Games, but it remains on the Parapan American program.

Paralympic soccer is played on a 75 x 55m field with a 5 x 2m goal.  The sport follows the standard FIFA rules for seven-a-side soccer with the following exceptions:  there is no off-side rule, an under-arm throw-in is permitted if a player is physically unable to execute a throw-in according to FIFA rules, opposing players are required to be seven meters from the ball on restarts, and the game is played during two 30-minute halves.

Paralympic soccer competition is open to male athletes with cerebral palsy/brain injury/stroke.

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