Military Paralympians

Team Podium
Kari Miller, member of the 2016 U.S. Sitting Volleyball Team, which won a gold medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Summer Games, is a military veteran. 
Rio Podium
Swimmer Brad Snyder (Navy), who lost his eyesight from an EID explosion while serving in Afghanistan, has seven Paralympic medals from the 2012 and 2016 Games.

The Paralympic Military Program supports participation in sports and physical activity for active duty service members and veterans at all levels, from grassroots through the Paralympic Games.  

The athletes listed below are U.S. team members who have risen from military programming to the Games, competing with the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 U.S. Paralympic Teams.

2008 U.S. Paralympic Team Members 

Will Groulx (Navy) - Wheelchair Rugby
Lee Hinson (Navy) - Wheelchair Tennis
Chuck Lear (Marines) - Archery
Carlos Leon (Marines) - Track & Field
Angela Madsen (Marines) - Rowing
Kari Miller (Army) - Sitting Volleyball
T.J. Pemberton - Archery
Oz Sanchez (Marines) - Cycling
Jennifer Schuble (Army) - Cycling
Laura Schwanger (Army) - Rowing
Scot Severn (Army) - Track & Field
Melissa Stockwell (Army) - Swimming
Kevin Stone (Army) - Archery
Casey Tibbs (Navy) - Track & Field
Scott Winkler (Army) - Track & Field
Russell Wolfe (Army) - Archery 

2010 U.S. Paralympic Team Members 

Patrick McDonald (Army) - Wheelchair Curling
Heath Calhoun (Army) - Alpine Skiing
Chris Devlin-Young (Coast Guard) - Alpine Skiing
Sean Halsted (Air Force) - Nordic Skiing
Andy Soule (Army) - Nordic Skiing       

2012 U.S. Paralympic Team Members

Christopher Clemens (Navy) - Track and field
Dugie Denton (Army) - Archery
Will Groulx (Navy) - Wheelchair Rugby
Eric Hollen (Army) - Shooting
Rob Jones (Marine Corps) - Rowing
Angela Madsen (Marine Corps) - Track and field
CeCe Mazyk (Army) - Track and field
Kari Miller (Army) - Sitting Volleyball
Josh Olson (Army) - Shooting
Steven Peace (Navy), Cycling
Rene Renteria (Marine Corps) - Soccer
Mario Rodriguez (Air Force) - Wheelchair Fencing
Oz Sanchez (Marine Corps) - Cycling
Jennifer Schuble (Army), Cycling
Scot Severn (Army) - Track and field
Jerry Shields (National Guard) - Archery
Gavin Sibayan (Army) - Soccer 
Brad Snyder (Navy) - Swimming
Scott Winkler (Army) - Track and field
Russell Wolfe (Army) - Archery

2014 U.S. Paralympic Team Members

Omar Bermejo (Marine Corps) - Nordic skiing 
Tyler Burdick (Navy) - Snowboarding
Kevin Burton (Navy) - Nordic skiing
Heath Calhoun (Army) - Alpine skiing
Dan Cnossen (Navy) - Nordic skiing
Chris Devlin-Young (Coast Guard) - Alpine skiing
Travis Dodson (Marine Corps) - Nordic skiing
Sean Halsted (Air Force) - Nordic skiing
Joel Hunt (Army) - Alpine skiing
Jen Lee (Army) - Sled hockey
Jon Lujan (Marine Corps) - Alpine Skiing
Patrick McDonald (Army) - Wheelchair curling
Bryan Price (Army) - Nordic skiing
Rico Roman (Army) - Sled hockey
Paul Schaus (Marine Corps) - Sled hockey
Andy Soule (Army) - Nordic skiing
Josh Sweeney (Marine Corps) - Sled hockey
Jeremy Wagner (Army Reserves) - Nordic skiing

2016 U.S. Paralympic Team Members

Josh Brunais (Army) - Soccer
Shawn Cheshire (Army) - Cycling
Patricia Collins (Army) - Paratriathlon
Lia Coryell (Army) - Archery
Tom Davis (Army) - Cycling
Freddie De Los Santos (Army) - Cycling
Seth Jahn (Army) - Soccer
Staff Sgt. John Joss (Army) - Shooting
Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Marks (Army) - Swimming
Jessica Jones Meyers (Army) - Paratriathlon
Kari Miller (Army) - Sitting Volleyball
Shawn Morelli (Army) - Cycling
Dan Regan (Army) - Sitting Volleyball
Helman Roman (Army) - Rowing
Jennifer Schuble (Army) - Cycling
Scot Severn (Army) - Track & Field
Ahmed Shafik (Army) - Powerlifting
Gavin Sibayan (Army) - Soccer
Melissa Stockwell (Army) - Paratriathlon
James Stuck (Army) - Sitting Volleyball
Shaun Tichenor (Army) - Shooting
Johnnie Williams (Army) - Track & Field
Marco DeLaRosa (Marines) - Shooting
Angela Madsen (Marines) - Track & Field
Scott Martin (Marines) - Cycling
Oz Sanchez (Marines) - Cycling
Jesse Schag (Marines) - Sitting Volleyball
Josh Smith (Marines) - Sitting Volleyball
Michael Wishnia (Marines) - Track & Field
Will Groulx (Navy) - Cycling
John Kremer (Navy) - Sitting Volleyball
Andre Shelby (Navy) - Archery
Brady Snyder (Army) - Swimming
Samantha Tucker (Air Force) - Archery
Krige Schabort (South African Army) - Paratriathlon

2018 U.S. Paralympic Team Members

Kevin Burton (Navy) - alpine skiing
Josh Elliott (Marines)- alpine skiing
Brandon Powell-Ashby (Marines) – alpine skiing
Kirk Black (Army) - wheelchair curling
Stephen Emt (Army) - wheelchair curling
Travis Dodson (Marines) - sled hockey
Luke McDermott (Marines) - sled hockey
Ralph DeQuebec (Marines) - sled hockey
Josh Misiewicz (Marines) - sled hockey
Jen Lee (Army) - sled hockey
Rico Roman (Army) - sled hockey
Dan Cnossen (Navy) - Nordic skiing
Sean Halsted (Air Force) - Nordic Skiing
Jeremy Wagner (Army) - Nordic Skiing
Andy Soule (Army) - Nordic Skiing
Bryan Price (Army) - Nordic Skiing
Michael Spivey (Marines) - snowboarding
Jimmy Sides (Marines) - snowboarding