Sports 4 the Blind

7507 North Wilding Drive
Spokane, Washington 99208

Club Description

We, the Sports 4 The Blind, are an organization dedicated to the promotion of independence and self-confidence in the visually impaired by enabling them with the requisite skills so that they may be able to reach their full potential. These abilities include, but are not all limited to, the capacity for a visually impaired player to better use and depend upon his/her auditory senses in the department of observation, the conception and subsequent building upon that foundation of decisive action once a decision has been made, and the relegation of such emotions as insecurity, fear, and anxiety by allowing the player to move about an open and even area unaided by anyone or anything save for the player’s own developed senses. The Sports 4 The Blind is also highly supportive of the notion that blindness should not equate to immobility and the health risks due to that lack of activity. This S4TB manifests itself in the stretches and calisthenics performed before each practice, the hour and a half of strenuous game play, and the two or so water breaks in between to make sure that all team members are, and stay hydrated.

Primary Contact

Troy Leeburg


Secondary Contact

Disability Groups Served

  • Visual Impairment

Organization Type

  • Sport Program

Program Types Offered

  • Competitive
  • Recreational

Programs Open To

  • Adults
  • Veterans Active Duty Military Personnel
  • Youth

Programs Specific to Military Personnel & Veterans

  • No

Sports Offered

  • Archery
  • Cycling
  • Goalball
  • Shooting