Team USA Resident-Athlete Series: Howie Sanborn of Paratriathlon

By Cady Lowery | Oct. 23, 2019, 8 a.m. (ET)

Howie Sanborn will compete at the world cup in Funchal, Portugal on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Get to know the athletes living at the Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Center in Chula Vista, California through the Team USA Resident-Athlete Series. Each month, will feature one Paralympic athlete in detail, as they share their athletic and personal journeys, favorite pump-up song, goals for the future, and much more.

Meet Paratriathlete Howie Sanborn, one of the many resident-athletes living and training at the Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sanborn will be competing at the ITU Paratriathlon World Cup in Funchal, Portugal, on Oct. 20.

Name: Howie Sanborn
Sport: Paratriathlon
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Personal: Retired U.S. Army veteran who served for 15 years as an Airborne Ranger
Recent accomplishments: Finished seventh at the 2019 Alanya ITU Paratriathlon World Cup in Turkey

Favorite thing about living in Colorado Springs: I mean, the OPTC is just an amazing facility, and it’s the best part of the city in my opinion.

Favorite meal in the dining hall: One of the cooks made us breakfast burgers for dinner one time. They were amazing and changed my life.

When did you first get involved with your sport? I did my first triathlon in 2009, but I was injured in September 2012. After 6 months of rehab and 1 month at home, I did my first paratriathlon.

What’s your favorite thing about your sport? It’s a tie between the people on our team and the amazing race venues we travel to.

Where is the coolest place that you’ve competed at? That’s a tough one...I think Manaus, Brazil was the most unique. The race was in a town hidden in the Amazon, so that was pretty cool.

What other sports do you like playing/watching? Triathlon is the only sport I’m really interested in. We try to get together to watch our other friends compete in their sports, so it’s a lot of Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Who is someone you look up to and consider a role model? My friend and fellow triathlete Renee Tomlin -- she’s just an amazing person and athlete. Seeing how hard she works and how she handles adversity pushes me to be better every day. She’s my favorite and weirdest friend! We call her Hotdog and I even have a hotdog tattoo in her honor.

If you could play another Paralympic sport, what would it be? If they could find a way to get rid of the snow, I would probably choose biathlon.

What’s your favorite pump-up song before you compete/any superstitions? Lately it’s been Andy Grammer’s “Born for This.”

What are you most excited for this year? As the season is closing out, I’m looking forward to a really strong off-season so I can be faster next year.

What has been your proudest moment in your athletic career so far? Winning the 2017 national championship.

What are some of your goals for your athletic career? Outside of athletics? I’m really loving the amount of time I can travel and see the world with friends. It’s something a lot of people say they want to do but never do. I’m doing it, and it’s awesome!