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Team USA Tracker: World Para Athletics Junior Championships Nottwil 2019

By U.S. Paralympics | Aug. 01, 2019, 3:10 p.m. (ET)

Hannah Dederick pictured wheelchair racing at the 2018 Desert Challenge Games in Tempe, Arizona.Jackson Atwood, pictured above on the podium, won his first gold medal in his world championship debut in the men's 400-meters T51-54 at the 2019 World Para Athletics Junior Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland.

Team USA’s newest generation of athletes are ready to compete at the 2019 World Para Athletics Junior Championships taking place Aug. 1-4 in Nottwil, Switzerland. The team consists of 20 young athletes between the ages of 14 and 19. Hannah Dederick and Elizabeth Floch return as medalists from the first edition of the junior world championships in 2017. Competition will take place at the Sport Arena Nottwil, where Team USA will compete against the world’s best on the international stage.

Follow Team USA at the 2019 World Para Athletics Junior Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland:

Graphic of medals won at the 2019 World Para Athletics Junior Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland. 

Sunday. August 4

  • Joel Gomez – 400m (T11-13) (53.68)
  • Hannah Dederick – 800m (T51-54) (2:04.37)
  • Jackson Atwood – 800m (T51-54) (1:51.37)


  • Noah Malone  –  400m (T11-13) (52.23)
  • Collin Lancaster  –  800m (T51-54) (1:51.75)
  • Ezra Frech –  Long Jump (T45-64) (4.7m)
  • Taylor Talbot –  400m (T11-13) (1:06.85)

Top-10 finishes:
1st (minus one rule): Sophie Munter  – 100m (T31-34)
4th: Jacob Allen – 800m (T51-54), Elizabeth Floch  – 800m (T51-54), Annie Carey – Long jump (T45-64)
5th: Sydney Barta –  Shot put (T45-64), Adam Kiel  –  Javelin (F45-64), Sydney Barta  – Shot put (T45-64)
6th: Sydney Barta – Long jump (T45-64)
7th: Adam Kiel  –  Long jump (T45-64)

Nelya Stary Schasfoort leaps during long jump competition at the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships.
Nelya Stary Schasfoort broke two world records, including one in the long jump with a leap of 4.29-meters to win bronze on Saturday.


Saturday. August 3


  • Noah Malone – 200m (T11-13) (22.0)
  • Hannah Dederick – 200m (T51-54) (31.47)
  • Ezra Frech – High Jump (T45-64) (1.54m)


  • Collin Lancaster  –  200m (T51-54) (30.14)


  • Nelya Schasfoort –  Long Jump (T42-64) (4.29m) - World Record
Top-10 finishes:
1st (minus one rule): Sophie Munter – 400 m (T31-T34), Nelya Schasfoort  –  400m (T45) (1:07.14) - World Record
4th: Elizabeth Floch – 200m (T51-54)
6th: Sam Brym – 100m (T35-38)
8th: Aubrey Headon  – 100m (T35-38)

Hannah Dederick smiles and puts her hand over her heart while watching the U.S. flag raised during a medal ceremony at the 2019 World Para Athletics.
Hannah Dederick smiles during a medal ceremony at the 2019 World Para Athletics Junior Championships.


Friday. August 2


  • Noah Malone – 100m (T11-13) (10.92)
  • Collin Lancaster  –  1500m (T51-54) (3:49.81)
  • Joel Gomez – 1,500m (T11-13) (4:09.40)
  • Hannah Dederick – 100m (T51-54) (17.43)
  • Jackson Atwood – 100m (T51-54) (16:24)
  • Sydney Barta – 100m (T45-64) (14.05), 400m (T45-64) (1:05.19)


  • Jackson Atwood – 1500m (T51-54) (3:61.58)
  • Elizabeth Floch  – 1500m (T51-54) (4:44.24)
  • Sam Bym – Long Jump (T35-38)
  • Ezra Frech – 100m (T45-64) (13.88)
  • Annie Carey – 100m (T45-64) (14.18)

Top-10 finishes:
3rd (minus one rule): Aubrey Headon – shot put (F35-38) 
4th: Taylor Talbot – 100m (T11-13), Hannah Dederick – 1500m (T51-54), Jacob Allen  – 100m (T51-54), Elizabeth Floch  – 100m (T51-54)
5th: Jacob Allen – 1500m (T51-54), Nelya Schasfoort  – 100m (T45-64)
6th: Simon Detmer  – Long Jump (T35-38)


Thursday. August 1


  • Hannah Dederick – 400m (T51-54) (59.37)
  • Jackson Atwood –  400m (T51-54) (54.81)
  • Sydney Barta  –  200m (T42-47, 62-64) (28.23)


  • Collin Lancaster  –  400m (T51-54) (56.35)

Top-10 finishes:
4th: Elizabeth Floch – 400m (T51-54), Annie Carey – 200m (T45-64), Neyla Stary Schasfoort – 200m (T45-T64)

5th: Jacob Allen – 400m (T51-54)
6th: Michelle Cross – 200m (T35-38)
9th: Aubrey Headon – 200m (T35-38), Sam Brym – 200m (T35-38)
10th: Henry Waterman – 200m (T45-64)


Team USA athletes closed the 2019 World Para Athletics Junior Championships with 28 total medals, highlighted by multi gold-medal performances from Hannah Dederick, Jackson Atwood, Sydney Barta and Noah Malone and two world records from Nelya Stary Schasfoort. Dederick and Atwood both took home four medals with Dederick sweeping her events with gold and Atwood capturing three gold and one bronze medal. In addition to the 27 medals, Team USA athletes had 30 top-10 finishes. Schasfoort had an incredible third day of competition, setting world records in the T42-46 long jump and T45 400-meters to finish competition with a bronze medal and two more top-10 results. Ten of the U.S. athletes on the roster will represent Team USA again in two weeks at the 2019 Parapan American Games in Lima, Peru.