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Paralympians Share Their Favorite Halloween Costumes

By Melissa Zhang | Oct. 30, 2018, 3:54 p.m. (ET)

Paralympians share their favorite Halloween costumes over the years.
Paralympians share some of their favorite Halloween costumes.

U.S. Paralympics caught up with some of our athletes just in time for Halloween to ask them what their favorite costumes have been over the years! Take a look and see who or what your favorite Paralympians have dressed up as:

Tyler Carter (Alpine Skiing)

My favorite Halloween costume that I’ve ever worn has to be my Captain America onesie, hands down! I've been a huge fan of Cap most of my life (and yes, I’ve read the comics/watched the movies). Captain America represents a lot of great ideals, such as doing the right thing and helping others out, which has always resonated with me. Plus he’s kind of awesome! A lot of my teammates and friends actually jokingly call me Cap because I constantly wear Captain America clothing. So, of course, who better to dress up as on Halloween than the leader of the Avengers himself, Captain America!

Tyler Carter wears his Captain America onesie.

Ryan Boyle (Cycling)

Years ago when I had an outdoor power wheelchair, I used it to get around my neighborhood for Halloween. During this time, a raffle was going on at my school, and one of the prizes was a small police light that could be placed on the roof of a car or mounted on a wheelchair, in my case. I decided to be a policeman after I won it. I later found out that the light needed to be plugged into a power source, which ruined my idea of using it on my wheelchair. I still dressed up as a policeman though!

McKenzie Coan (Swimming)

My favorite costume that I've ever worn was a duo costume with my brother, Eli. We went as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein for Halloween! Halloween is a huge deal in my family. Growing up, my Mom made all of our costumes by hand. We would start thinking of our costume months in advance and together we would start getting the supplies and putting it together. Every year, we participated in a costume contest, and that year, my brother and I finally won first prize at the competition! I remember being so excited that we won and got a huge bag of candy! I think you could say I was as excited to win that day, as I was the day I won my gold medal!


Mackenzie Coan as the Bride of Frankenstein

Brad Snyder (Swimming/Paratriathlon)

I love puns, so one year Gizzy (my guide dog) dressed up as the “Bark Knight” and I dressed up as her trusty sidekick Robin!

Brad Snyder and his dog Gizzy dressed up as Robin and the Bark Knight.

Lacey Henderson (Track and Field)

In 2006, I was in my senior year at my all-girls high school, and we were only allowed to dress up for Halloween if we did literary or historical characters. I’ve always loved the painter Frida Kahlo, so I had friends help me find a good costume and do my makeup (and they didn’t hold back!). Everyone thought I was angry all day. But I ended up winning a contest I didn’t know we were having! 

Lacey Henderson as Frida Kahlo

Jen Lee (Sled Hockey)

One of my favorite costumes I’ve ever worn was Megazord from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Growing up, I was a huge fan of the Power Rangers. I love the show so much that I even own several of the Power Rangers action figures, including the mighty Megazord. “It’s morphin’ time!” 

Jen Lee dressed as Megazord

Josh Pauls (Sled Hockey)

One Halloween, I threw on some zombie makeup, hid, put my legs near the door to my grandmother's house and crawled towards any people who came to the door. It definitely saved us some candy to eat later. It really just came from the idea that I wanted to re-enact the line from the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz: "He took my legs and threw them over there!" 

Brenna Huckaby (Snowboarding)

Every year my family and I dress up as characters of our favorite movies or TV shows. My favorite was last year’s costumes: I was Kim Possible, Tristan (my fiancé) was Ron Stoppable, and our daughter Lilah was Rufus! This year’s costume is going to be better in my opinion! Stay tuned!

Brenna Huckaby and her family dressed as Kim Possible characters


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