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Where The Team Becomes The Team

By U.S. Paralympics | March 01, 2018, 4:49 p.m. (ET)

Over the course of the next five days, 74 Paralympians will begin their journey to one of the greatest adventures of their lives in representing Team USA at the Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Athletes will depart the United States and head to Incheon, South Korea for the one final step each Paralympic athlete must take before making the trek to the beautiful mountains in PyeongChang: Team Processing.

What is Team Processing? We’re glad you asked.

The two-day event kicks off with the Team USA Ambassador Program, which educates and guides athletes on how they can best represent their country during the Games, what they can expect over the course of the next two weeks of competition and how to handle the heightened media interest that results from competing at the Games.

Once the hour-long TUAP session is done, Team USA athletes navigate through several stations, including Nike, Ralph Lauren, Oakley and P&G, as well as photo, digital and USADA sessions. Each athlete is fitted for their Opening and Closing Ceremonies gear from Ralph Lauren, a medal ceremony outfit from Nike, and various other gear to wear in PyeongChang during the next two weeks. If needed, athletes can have clothes tailored to their specific measurements on-site. Next, athletes will be fitted for their Paralympic ring. To cap off the day, athletes will take their official 2018 U.S. Paralympic Team headshot and make a stop with the Team USA digital team.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at wheelchair curling’s experience at Team Processing on Thursday.

Ralph Lauren display showcases items that each Paralympian will receive during Team Processing.


Following Ralph Lauren, athletes move to the Nike showcase room to get fitted for medal ceremony attire.


Athletes receive a personalized “shopping” experience, one-on-one fittings and on-site alterations if needed.


Five wheelchair curling athletes kick off Team Processing with the Team USA Ambassador Program in Incheon, South Korea on March 1.


Penny Greely gets fitted in her Opening Ceremony outfit made by Ralph Lauren.


Steve Emt models his Opening Ceremony outfit at Team Processing on March 1.


Justin Marshall goofs off with the Team USA digital team during Team Processing in Incheon, South Korea.