U.S. Paralympics Swimming World Championships Trials

By U.S. Paralympics | July 21, 2017, 10 p.m. (ET)

Hannah Aspden finishes the 400-meter freestyle in a time of 5:07.38 at the U.S. Paralympics Swimming World Championships Trials on July 21, 2017.

U.S. Paralympics Swimming World Championships Trials Updates

Following a strong showing during the World Para Swimming World Series circuit, Team USA put their swimming talents on display at the U.S. Paralympics Swimming World Championships Trials, held July 21-23, at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With performances helping to determine the World Para Swimming World Championships team, Team USA will name the chosen team on Wednesday, July 26, which will compete in Mexico City from Sept. 30 – Oct. 6.

Leanne Smith – American, Pan Am and world record in the S4 50-meter butterfly – 46.44
Leanne Smith – American record in the S4 50 freestyle – 43.83
Leanne Smith – American record in the S4 100 freestyle – 1:39.50
Leslie Cichocki – American record in the S14 100 butterfly – 1:17.39
Samantha Tubbs – American record in the SB9 100 breaststroke – 1:25.61
Gia Pergolini – American and Pan Am record in the S13 100 backstroke – 1:08.96


Leanne Smith
On setting a world record...
"Leading into the race today, I was pretty confident about having a strong swim. I knew I was close to the record, so I really just had a nice clear head and went into the race relaxed. I hit the wall, saw my time up on the board and saw that I had broken the world record. It was nice to have a smooth swim, see my time and see all that hard work is paying off. It was nice to look up at my coach knowing how hard we had both worked together - it's not just my record, he helped me. I'm looking forward to seeing how much further I can push that record."


Women’s 200 freestyle

Victoria Beelner (S5), 5:32.57

Leslie Cichocki (S14), 2:29.18

Men’s 200 freestyle

Curtis Lovejoy (S2), 6:10.95

Lawrence Sapp (S14), 2:10.86

Women’s 400 freestyle

Casandra Shaffer (S6), 7:36.93

McKenzie Coan (S7), 5:24.38

Julia Gaffney (S8), 5:29.61

Hannah Aspden (S9), 5:07.38

Molly Rhodes (S10), 5:43.44

McClain Hermes (S12), 5:39.76

Rebecca Meyers (S13), 4:39.03

Men’s 400 freestyle

Connor Gioffreda (S6), 6:22.13

Caleb Cripe (S7), 6:41.08

Robert Griswold (S8), 4:42.02

Jacob Pruett (S9), 4:58.65

Nick Adcock (S10), 4:53.35

Women’s 100 breaststroke

Sophia Herzog (SB6), 1:38.89

Ahalya Lettenberger (SB7), 1:48.24

MeiMei White (SB8), 1:35.17

Samantha Tubbs (SB9), 1:25.61

McClain Hermes (SB12), 1:36.22

Colleen Young (SB13), 1:19.07

Leslie Cichocki (SB14), 1:31.92

Men’s 100 breaststroke

Zachary Shattuck (SB6), 1:30.76

Tharon Drake (SB11), 1:17.73


Women’s 50 backstroke

Victoria Beelner (S5), 1:13.38

Men’s 50 backstroke

Curtis Lovejoy (S2), 1:20.81

Women’s 100 backstroke

Casandra Shaffer (S6), 1:47.01

Julia Gaffney (S8), 1:27.11

Hannah Aspden (S9), 1:15.37

Molly Rhodes (S10), 1:24.55

McClain Hermes (S12), 1:26.81

Gia Pergolini (S13), 1:09.01

Leslie Cichocki (S14), 1:18.24

Men’s 100 backstroke

Curtis Lovejoy (S2), 2:53.31

Connor Gioffreda (S6), 1:48.19

Caleb Cripe (S7), 1:23.86

Robert Griswold (S8), 1:05.89

Matthew Torres (S9), 1:15.83

Tye Dutcher (S10), 1:04.02

Lawrence Sapp (S14), 1:08.04

Women’s 50 freestyle

Leanne Smith (S4), 43.83

Victoria Beelner (S5), 1:10.81

Casandra Shaffer (S6), 43.45

McKenzie Coan (S7), 33.46

Haven Shepherd (S8), 36.36

Natalie Sims (S9), 30.59

Alianna Higgins (S10), 37.46

Rebecca Meyers (S13), 28.90

Men’s 50 freestyle

Zachary Shattuck (S6), 33.66

Lander Eicholzer (S8), 32.04

Henri Coronado-Volta (S9), 31.60

Tye Dutcher (S10), 26.41

Tharon Drake (S11), 30.58

Tucker Dupree (S12), 25.34

Women’s 200 individual medley

Sophia Herzog (SM6), 3:20.82

Jessica Long (SM8), 2:46.33

Natalie Sims (SM9), 2:50.35

Colleen Young (SM13), 2:37.27

Leslie Cichocki (SM14), 2:55.24

Men’s 200 individual medley

Zachary Shattuck (SM6), 3:12.72

Roderick Sewell (SM8), 2:53.80

Matthew Torres (SM9), 3:02.49

Lawrence Sapp (SM14), 2:34.25


Women's 100 freestyle

Leanne Smith (S4), 1:41.28

Victoria Beelner (S5), 2:36.03

Casandra Shaffer (S6), 1:37.55

McKenzie Coan (S7), 1:11.91

Jessica Long (S8), 1:07.52

Natalie Sims (S9), 1:06.63

Molly Rhodes (S10), 1:16.44

McClain Hermes (S12), 1:17.48

Rebecca Meyers (S13), 1:02.04

Leslie Cichocki (S14), 1:10.35


Men's 100 freestyle

Connor Gioffreda (S6), 1:22.28

Lander Eicholzer (S8), 1:16.21

Henri Coronado-Volta (S9), 1:06.76

Tye Dutcher (S10), 58.50

Garner Moss (S14), 1:05.14


Women's 50 butterfly

Leanne Smith (S4), 46.62

Victoria Beelner (S5), 1:24.53

Casandra Shaffer (S6), 52.08


Men's 50 butterfly

Zachary Shattuck (S6), 35.77

Caleb Cripe (S7), 40.02


Women's 100 butterfly

Meredith Koch (S8), 2:13.15

Natalie Sims (S9), 1:17.85

Rebecca Meyers (S13), 1:08.64

Leslie Cichocki (S14), 1:17.64


Men's 100 butterfly

Robert Griswold (S8), 1:05.47

Henri Coronado-Volta (S9), 1:27.11

Nick Adcock (S10), 1:05.23

Lawrence Sapp (S14), 1:01.80

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