Meet The U.S. Paralympics Class of 2017

By Kendra Hansey | Dec. 30, 2017, 3:18 p.m. (ET)

We crown U.S. Paralympics athletes with superlatives separate from their sporting achievements. 

Most Likely to Be A Top Chef
– Keith Gabel (snowboarding)

Having celiac disease, Gabel gets creative in the kitchen. For Thanksgiving, he and his wife make every single dish from scratch -- nothing out of a can or box -- so that the entire meal is gluten free. Since the couple entertains lactose intolerant friends for Thanksgiving dinner, they take it one step further and make they all appetizers, dinner dishes and desserts dairy free.

Best Shot At Winning A Comedy Contest – Danelle Umstead (alpine skiing)

Umstead is a phenomenal motivational speaker and is no stranger to competing in front of large crowds. The quick-witted skier is known for her sense of humor as well. When asked why her name is pronounced like “Danielle” despite not having the letter “i”, Umstead responds that it’s because she can’t see. Regarding her former guide dog’s retirement due to declining vision, she jokes that her blindness is contagious.

Best Chance At Being An Animal Trainer – Grace Norman (paratriathlon)

The Paralympic gold medalist lives on a farm in Ohio and has goats and trains pigs for the fair each summer.

Most Adorable Paralympian Couple – Oksana Masters and Aaron Pike (Nordic skiing)

Multi-sport Paralympians Oksana Masters and Aaron Pike are dating. The two met at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia, in 2014.

Future Nobel Peace Prize Winner - Dartanyon Crockett (judo)

Growing up in poverty, Crockett learned invaluable lessons about kindness and generosity. In 2012, he started a clothing drive around Christmas Eve in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It has grown every year since and Nike, one of his sponsors, makes large donations to it as well. The two-time Paralympic bronze medalist majors in social work. Ultimately, he wants to complete law school, become an attorney, and serve underrepresented individuals.

Class Clowns - U.S. Sled Hockey Team

The U.S. Sled Hockey Team is becoming known more for just their winning ways but also their world-class pranking. Sharing a healthy and potent sense of humor on and off the ice, players admit the humor has transformed the team’s culture with the bonding leading to more success and medals.

Everything from filling cars with toilet paper and then wrapping it with plastic wrap to dismantled wheelchairs and lobster and fish parts in hockey bags, the U.S. team is one to watch out for in more ways than one.

Most Likely to be a Social Media Star - Hunter Woodhall (track and field)

Hunter Woodhall is not shy of the spotlight. One of Team USA’s youngest breakout stars, the 19-year-old has built a huge fan following thanks to his performances on the track and his entertaining presence on social media. With nearly 34,000 followers on Instagram, the University of Arkansas freshman has chronicled everything from his college adventures and experience in a long-distance relationship to motivational posts and even swag give-a-ways for lucky fans. He’s definitely a must-follow heading into Tokyo 2020.