Athletes wish their moms a Happy Mother's Day

By Mary Kate Lau | May 10, 2015, 9:51 a.m. (ET)

Athletes wish their moms a Happy Mother’s Day
While their medals are earned on the court, track, field or in the pool, it’s their support system at home that shaped them into the elite athletes they are today. To celebrate Mother’s Day, here are a few messages from Paralympic athletes about the number one lady in their life.

Nancy Jordan, by eight-time Paralympic medalist Cortney Jordan
I am so incredibly grateful to have such a strong, loving, and intelligent woman as my mother. She drove me to countless swim practices and spent her weekends cheering for my sister and me as swim meets. She has traveled the world to watch me swim and I know that no matter how I perform, she will be my biggest fan and love me more than anyone else does. When I grow up, I hope I can be just like her. Love you, mom! 

Jennifer Nelson, by Paralympian Chuck Aoki

My mom means the world to me. Growing up with my disability was tough, but she taught me that challenges are just part of life, and that it is how you respond to those challenges that will define who you are as a person. My mom introduced me to Paralympic sports when I was 7, and has been my biggest fan and supporter every step of the way. Having her see me compete means more to me than anything. I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Francine Brown, by Paralympian David Brown

My mom to me is a strong, independent black woman. She has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders. She has been a spiritual leader for me and always great encourager.

Jane Konkoly, by Pan American record-holder Michelle Konkoly

My mom has been an incredible support system for my entire life, but after I got hurt in 2011, she became even more amazing than ever.  Not only did she never leave my side during the many weeks in the hospital, but she was always optimistic and encouraging, which played a huge role in my recovery.  She was actually the one who discovered Paralympic swimming and arranged for me to meet some coaches, and the rest is history.  I deeply value my mom's opinion, and talking with her has been so influential in shaping the path of my life, including my current track of training full-time for Rio!

Eileen Newby by Rugby’s Eric Newby

My Grandmother is the best because she has always been at my side growing up. She was the sweet English lady cheering frantically at my baseball games yelling "Touchdown" anytime I got a hit. She has made many sacrifices and always put her grandkids first. She has always been there supporting and loving us and has taught me what true sacrifice and dedication means.