14 for 14: Adam Page, sled hockey

By Adam Page | Feb. 14, 2014, 12 p.m. (ET)
Adam Page
Disney theme parks are one of my favorite vacation spots.

My name is Adam Page. After playing with the 2006-07 U.S. National Junior Sled Hockey Team, I made my debut on the national team the following year, and was the youngest player at age 15. I have since played for Team USA in 93 games with 21 goals and 18 assists to my credit.

Here are 14 things you should know about me as I strive towards Sochi:

Adam Page

Adam Page

Adam Page

Adam Page

1. I was born with spina bifida.

Spina bifida is a birth defect where the spinal cord grows outside the body. I have paralysis in my lower extremities and I have had over 10 surgeries.

2. I met Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

I was raised with country music, and I loved Garth Brooks. Garth was coming to town so my uncle arranged a meet and greet through the Starlite Foundation. It turned into a whole afternoon with Garth and I got to meet Trisha Yearwood too.

3. I still like country music.

My girlfriend Hannah likes it too.

4. I like public speaking.

Since winning the gold medal in Vancouver, I have spoken at the leadership conference for Mass Mutual at the Denver convention center, the Million Dollar Roundtable at the Anaheim Convention Center, Country Financial at the MGM in Las Vegas, and for the Producers Group at Harrah’s in Atlantic City. I won the Real Life Stories award and spoke at Cesar Palace’s in Las Vegas. I also did commencement speeches for a local high school and an elementary school. I have spoken at the Willie O'Ree diversity weekend and Todd Marchant hockey camps here in Buffalo, where I live.

5. I volunteer to help build sled hockey programs around the country.

I volunteer for my dad and USA Hockey and help with clinics throughout the country.  I have  been to Louisville and Lexington, Ky., Birmingham, Ala., Wooster, Ohio, Wheeling, W.Va., Nashville, Tenn., Atlanta, Great Falls and Kalispell, Mont., Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Canton, Oswego, N.Y., Fort Myers, Fla., and the veterans program here in Buffalo and watertown New York.

6. Sports are on in my house 24/7.

I love sports. Besides hockey, I also participate in adaptive downhill skiing.  Through the years I have played challenger baseball, karate, horseback riding, golf  and bowling. If I am not on the ice or in the gym, we are watching hockey or I am playing it on my X-box!

7. I can drive independently.

Look! No hands. When I got my permit they did a full PT/OT evaluation and said that I did not need any hand controls.  Once I got my license, my dad wasn’t so sure and followed me around for a month.

8. I love roller coasters and I am a Disney fan.

I love a good roller coaster. Since I was young, my parents would take me to Disney because it was something I could do with my disability.  have been to Disney in California, Orlando and Tokyo.

9. I have been on the U.S. Sled Hockey National Team for six seasons.  

I played at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, winning the gold medal, and have participated in four world championships tournaments, winning two golds, one silver and one bronze. Playing for Team USA is awesome.

10. I'm a college student. 

I attend college at Medaille College, which is in Buffalo, N.Y., only about 20 minutes from my home.  I am pursing a degree in sports management. In the future, I would like to coach hockey and continue speaking.

11. I love Halloween and scary movies.

Every year I attend Fright World near where I live.  It is one of the biggest haunted houses in the country and it is awesome.

12. I have two cats.

A black cat named Chloe and a Calico named Callie

13. I spend a lot of time in the rink but I love summertime. 

I love to hang outside sitting by a fire. I also enjoy swimming in my pool.

14. I have great mentors.

Two of my biggest mentors are a Bob O’Connor or OC as everyone calls him and my personal trainer John Opfer. They have really helped me achieve my goals.