Americans close out track cycling with bronze

By Nick Kiger | Sept. 02, 2012, 1:56 p.m. (ET)

LONDON — On the final day of track cycling the American team of Joe Berenyi (Aurora, Ill.), Sam Kavanagh (Coram, Mont.) and Jennifer Schuble (Houston, Texas) collected the U.S. team’s fifth medal of the track cycling competition, the first in a team event.

Competing in the final event of the track cycling competition, the mixed C1 to C5 team sprint event, the trio each did their part to secure the bronze medal win over the Czech Republic 52.749 to 54.128, respectively.  

Today’s win was truly a team effort for the U.S. as each rider had a specific job to perform.

Starting off the race for the Americans was Schuble who knew she needed to set the tone early in the race and did just that with her explosive start.

“For me it was timing the gate, I had to make sure that I counted the clock down in my head and to make sure that I didn’t false start,” said Schuble. “I had to get out like a rock star because it was up to me to set the pace for my team and I nailed it.”

The next rider to take the reins for the U.S. was Kavanagh who was the only rider in the group still without a medal in these Games after falling short in yesterday’s individual C4 pursuit; something that was still weighing heavy on his mind during the race.

“It’s unreal, I have been working pretty hard for this and it comes on the back on a difficult day for me yesterday in a personal event that I was favored in and looked good to medal in. So it was a pleasure to come out today and throw down a quality time,” said the relieved 32-year-old.

Racing in the final leg was Berenyi who was looking to put the event away which he executed flawlessly, taking off with an incredible burst and never looking back.

“I gave it all I had and I probably looked like I did because my bike was bouncing around so much! I knew I had one shot and I took it,” Berenyi said.

For Berenyi it was just about doing his job for the team and helping Kavanagh collect a bronze medal.

“Sam is a good friend and he has been trying for a long time. Sam has been working hard for six years and has put everything into it so I wanted to make sure he got that medal,” said Berenyi.

For all three riders, winning a medal in a team event holds a special place, as does adding to the overall success of the U.S. team thus far.

“This is the most successful we’ve been on the track. To be this far ahead without even getting into our strong events which are on the road is amazing.”

The U.S. will now try to add to its five track medals in the road cycling events which are slated to start on Sept. 5 with the men’s individual time trials.