2012 U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team nominated for London

By Beth Bourgeois | June 17, 2012, 11 a.m. (ET)
Jessica LongJessica Long, who co-led the medal count for Team USA at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, is one of the athletes named to the 2012 U.S. Paralympic Swim Team for the Paralympic Games in London.

BISMARCK, N.D. – Today U.S. Paralympics, a division of the United States Olympic Committee, announced the athlete nominations for the 2012 U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team. The roster includes 34 athletes (20 female, 14 male) who will compete in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, August 29 – September 9, pending approval from the USOC.

There are 19 U.S. Paralympians on the roster, as well as nine of the 11 members of the Paralympic Resident Swimming Program at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., which includes seven-time Paralympic gold medalist Jessica Long (Baltimore, Md.) and two-time Paralympic gold medalist Rudy Garcia-Tolson (Bloomington, Calif.). The team also includes many athletes who will make their Games debuts, including active duty sailor, Lt. Brad Snyder (St. Petersburg, Fla.).

At the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, the U.S. swim team finished first in the official medal count with a total of 17 gold, 22 silver and 13 bronze medals (44 medals).

2012 U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team Roster
*Denotes U.S. Paralympian
Name    Hometown   Classification
Arlen, Victoria   Exeter, N.H.   S6/SB5/SM6
*Becherer, Kelley  Sheboygan, Wis.  S13/SB13/SM13
Bro, Brickelle   Castle Rock, Colo.  S8/SB7/SM8
*Bruder, Aimee   Birmingham, Ala.  S4/SB3/SM4
Childs, Jaide   Gainesville, Fla.   S5/SB5/SM5   
Coan, McKenzie   Clarkesville, Ga.  S8/SB7/SM8
*Eames, Anna   Golden Valley, Minn.  S10/SB9/SM10
*Everlove, Amanda  Wichita, Ks.   S8/SB8/SM8
Gialamas, Alyssa   Naperville, Ill.   S5/SB4/SM5
Johannes, Anna   Alexandria, Va.   S9/SB8/SM9
*Jordan, Cortney  Henderson, Nev.  S7/SB7/SM7
*Long, Jessica   Baltimore, Md.   S8/SB7/SM8
Martinez, Letticia  Las Cruces, N.M.  S11/SB11/SM11
Meyers, Rebecca   Timonium, Md.   S13/SB13/SM13
*Nir-Kistler, Noga  Allentown, Pa.   S6/SB5/SM6
Rodriguez, Ileana  Miami, Fla.   S6/SB5/SM6
*Scott, Susan Beth  Cape Girardeau, Mo.  S10/SB9/SM10
*Stone, Elizabeth  Grand Rapids, Mich.  S9/SB8/SM9
Weggemann, Mallory  Eagan, Minn.   S7/SB6/SM7
Young, Colleen    St. Louis, Mo.   S13/SB13/SM13

Austin, Evan   Terre Haute, Ind.  S8/SB7/SM8
*Bureau, Cody   Latrobe, Pa.   S9/SB9/SM9
*DeMarco, Michael  San Diego, Calif.  S3/SB2/SM3
*Dupree, Tucker   Raleigh, N.C.   S12/SB12/SM12
*Garcia-Tolson, Rudy  Riverside, Calif.   S8/SB7/SM7
Herendeen, Dalton  South Bend, Ind.  S10/SB8/SM10
*Lamback, Lantz   Augusta, Ga.   S7/SB7/SM7
*Lovejoy, Curtis  Atlanta, Ga.   S2/SB1/SM2
*Perkins, Roy   Del Mar, Calif.   S5/SB5/SM5
*Prout, Michael   West Springfield, Mass.  S9/SB9/SM9
Silverman, Ian   Baltimore, Md.   S10/SB9/SM10
Snyder, Lt. Brad  St. Petersburg, Fla.  S11/SB11/SM11  
*Wise, Joseph   Menlo Park, Calif.  S10/SB9/SM10
*Zook, Justin   Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  S9/SB8/SM9

Boyt, Reilly   Ft. Collins, Colo.  S6/SB6/SM6
Uhl, Miranda   Alachua, Fla.   S6/SB6/SM6

Castillo, Rafael  Miami, Fla.   S6/SB5/SM6
Drake, Tharon   Hobbs, N.M.   S11/SB11/SM11

Final competition results from trials can be found online at http://www.bismarckaquatics.com/hytek/results/evtindex.htm.

For more information please contact Beth Bourgeois, U.S. Paralympics, at 719-305-5639 or beth.bourgeois@usoc.org.