U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation

The Olympic and Paralympic Games exemplify the power of sport. We marvel at the feats of Team USA athletes. We admire their drive to achieve their dreams. We feel inspired by their trials and triumphs—and we use that inspiration to fuel our own pursuits.

The Games are about the journey of the amazing athletes representing our nation, but they’re also about those who supported them along the way: family, friends and donors like you, all banding together to make their dreams come true.

Now, with the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games postponed for a year, Team USA athletes must adjust and refocus. While their quest for gold in 2020 has been delayed, it will not be denied.

In The New Road to Tokyo, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation’s exclusive podcast, you’ll go behind the scenes with Team USA athletes and learn how they’re coping with uncertainty and making the most of the year ahead. We hope their stories remind you of the important role you play in their journey.

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