Serving America's Athletes and Sports

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee operates in a culture of service to America’s athletes and sports. In recent years, the USOPC has launched a number of programs in order to be a more active and engaged partner for its 48 NGBs and the athletes they serve. These programs, aimed at improving all aspects of the athlete experience, include NGB Organizational Development, Diversity and Inclusion, the Athlete Career and Education program, and the SafeSport welfare training program. 

Launched in the fall of 2010, the NGB Organizational Development division aims to enhance the operational capabilities of the USOPC’s 48 NGBs. With a focus on governance, management and efficiency, the program is meant to uplift smaller NGBs and enable their athletes to be successful at the international level. 

To fulfill its mission of sustained competitive excellence, the USOPC recognizes the need to increase diversity and ensure opportunity for all U.S. citizens. The USOPC Diversity and Inclusion department was established to increase performance and ensure long-term support for Team USA and its NGBs by harnessing the synergy of diverse talents into a high-performing team. To meet this goal, the USOPC hosts an annual Diversity & Inclusion Symposium in partnership with several other professional and amateur sport organizations. The three-day event serves as a forum to share ideas and best practices in encouraging diversification in the world of sport. 

The USOPC’s Athlete Career and Education program exists to support athletes as they plan for success beyond sport. Through these services, athletes have access to career management services, networking events, educational opportunities and life skills mentorship. Following each Olympic and Paralympic Games, members of Team USA are invited to participate in an Athlete Summit designed to provide post-Games professional development tools.   

As part of the USOPC’s commitment to spreading the Olympic values at the grassroots level, the SafeSport initiative aims to stop abuse and misconduct in sport through proactive training, information and resources. The program, launched in March 2012, reaches approximately 73 million youth through a network of 48 NGBs and 340 Multi-Sport Organizations. 

By funding programming in these areas, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation is helping the USOPC make a concerted effort to advance the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements for the benefit of all U.S. athletes.