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About the USOPF

July 08, 2014, 10:31 a.m. (ET)

Unlike most nations, the USOC does not receive government
funding. Thus, it relies on the support of the American public to
help U.S. athletes stay competitive with the rest of the world.


In 2013, the USOC took an important step forward in its goal of increasing philanthropic support for Team USA’s athletes and programs by launching the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation. The USOPF is a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which now serves as the primary source of philanthropic resources for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in the United States. All funds generated by the USOPF are transferred to the United States Olympic Committee as the sole beneficiary of the foundation. By generating critical financial resources, the foundation enables the USOC to make investments in areas that promote excellence and innovation for Team USA, on and off the field of play.

The USOPF is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and led by President Jon Denney, who also serves as the USOC’s Chief Development Officer. Supporting the USOPF and its staff is the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation Board of Directors and Trustees, headed by Chairman Gordon Crawford.

Why give to Team USA?

  • Unlike most National Olympic Committees, the USOC does not receive federal funding for its Olympic programs. Instead, it relies on the generosity of the American public to help U.S. athletes remain competitive with the rest of the world.

  • Our nation stands apart from others because our Olympic and Paralympic teams are not just cheered by an enthusiastic national fan base, but also funded by one.

  • The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams do more than just represent the United States on sport’s biggest stage – they inspire achievement in all Americans. Through their stories of trial and triumph, U.S. athletes show our nation what is possible and exemplify what it means to pursue a dream. Your support helps build a greater movement that inspires Americans in an extraordinary way. 

There are many ways to support Team USA. Depending on your gift level and the giving opportunity you wish to pursue, you will contribute to one or more of the USOPF’s focus areas:

  • Achieving sustained competitive excellence: The USOC and its supporters continually invest in activities and services that will help our nation’s athletes reach their fullest potential. This commitment includes supplying the best environments and resources for athletes to train and compete – including three premier Olympic Training Centers, state-of-the-art sport performance and recovery technologies, and funding for travel, equipment and other competition needs.

  • Serving America’s sports and athletes: The USOC operates in a culture of service to America’s sports and athletes. In order to be a more active and engaged partner for our 48 NGBs and the athletes they serve, the USOC has launched a number of programs in recent years. These include NGB Organizational Development, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, the Athlete Career Development Program, and the SafeSport welfare training program. By funding programming in these areas, the USOPF is helping the USOC make a concerted effort to advance the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements for the benefit of all U.S. athletes.

  • Inspiring Americans: As they represent their country in international competition, U.S. athletes’ determination and commitment to excellence on and off the field of play inspires all Americans. In an effort to help connect our athletes with their communities, the USOC invests in a number of engagement programs meant to educate, inspire and spread the magic of the Olympic Movement throughout the country. Through these programs, including the USOC’s Team for Tomorrow initiative, the Team USA Ambassador Program and an annual Olympic Day, U.S. athletes have the opportunity to give back through a variety of social and civic causes.

  • Building the team of tomorrow: As the steward of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in the United States, the USOC is charged with supporting Team USA today, while generating resources for the team of tomorrow. The USOPF’s primary investment in future Team USA athletes is through endowment, which provides a permanent source of capital in support of the USOC’s mission and programs.

Today, we invite you to become a member of the Olympic Family by supporting the USOPF. As you watch Team USA face challenges, break barriers and achieve success in future competition, you will do so knowing that you played an integral role in their journey.