US Biathlon Association

2021 Youth and Junior World Championship Team

UPDATED: October 2020

YJWCH Town Hall



  • The YWCH Criteria will remain the same
  • In the event that trials are canceled, the new criteria explain how the team will be chosen.
  • With the IBU increasing start quotas for the IBU Cup, it makes it unrealistic to get all of the Juniors in the same place for trials.  Therefore, the JWCH team will be named by discretion.
  • This process is explained in the criteria.


The following selection criteria specify how youth and junior class athletes qualify to represent the U.S. at the 2021 Youth & Junior World Championships held February 27 – March 7 in Obertilliach, Austria.


Team selections are proposed by the US Biathlon High Performance Staff and approved by International Competition Committee (ICC) through the following process:

1. US Biathlon High Performance Staff proposes team selections and justifications for any discretionary selections

2. The ICC holds a committee meeting to discuss these proposals and to make any necessary revisions per the committee’s input

3. At the conclusion of the committee meeting, the ICC members vote on the final proposal and team selections are deemed final only when a majority of ICC members have voted in favor.

Different methods for qualifying for these teams include:

(1) “pre-qualifying” with excellent results in the 2019-20 season. Both Maxime Germain and Bjorn Westervelt met the pre-qualification standard for 2021 JWCH.
(2) qualifying for the senior class IBU Cup team,
(3) competitive results at the trials races to be held Dec 28 - 31 in Anchorage, Alaska
(4) discretionary selection.

Note Regarding Pre-Qualification for 2022 Youth & Junior World Championship Team:

Athletes who place in the top-6 at the 2021 Youth & Junior World Championships automatically pre-qualify for next season's 2022 team in the age class in which they earned the result. For example, a sixth place in the Youth category at YWCH only qualifies that athlete for next year's YJWCH Team if the athlete remains in the Youth class, it does not qualify that athlete for the Junior Team.

Athletes pre-qualifying for US Biathlon Teams need to maintain their performance level as outlined in the USBA principles of pre-qualification.