US Biathlon Association

Junior National Team 2020

Based at Regional Centers/ Clubs

As a training camp based team, the purpose of the Junior National Team is to foster effective
training environments and coaching relationships that support the continued development of our
top performing Junior and Youth athletes.

Biathletes named to this team have demonstrated internationally competitive biathlon
performances and/or Nationally competitive ski speed. Athletes will automatically qualify for this
team via the following criteria, as long as they will be at in the Y/Jr age class for the coming

Selection Criteria

1. Top 40 result (excluding relays) at YJWCH, or
2. Top 40 result (excluding relays) at JOECH, or
3. Top 20 results (excluding relays) at the Jr. IBU Cup, or
4. Any Y/Jr athlete that qualifies for any Sr. IBU Cup or World Cup

Additional athletes may be named to the Junior National Team via discretion. When
considering athletes for discretionary selection, the USBA principles of discretion will apply as
well as these factors:

1. Internationally competitive ski speed in biathlon, such as top 20 course times at
2. Nationally competitive ski speed in cross country, such as top 15 distance results at
Junior Nationals, while showing commitment to biathlon.
3. Junior or Youth athletes with exceptional results at US Biathlon National Championship.

If extra space is available at training camps before US Summer National Championships,
additional athletes may be invited to participate based on their best performance at Junior &

Youth World Championships, Junior IBU Cups, JOECH and US Nationals.
After Summer Nationals, extra camp space may be filled by staff recommendations and US
Biathlon International Competition Committee approval based on the events listed above and
Summer Nationals.