Unique and Unknown -  Art Stegen

This book is a tribute to the small group of dedicated participants, coaches, administrators and supporters who made contributions to its evolution from its beginning to the dynamic and exciting sport that it is today. Written byArt Stegen who has been at the epicenter of Biathlon for fifty years. As an athlete, coach, team leader, and member of the Board of Directors, he has dedicated himself to the sport and always strived to make a difference.


Celebrate Winter - John Morton

Celebrate Winter is a collection of articles, commentaries and stories covering his two decades as a Nordic competitor, 15 years as a coach, and recent years as a close observer and ardent fan of Nordic skiing and biathlon. The stories include an interesting, behind-the-scenes perspective of the ten Winter Olympic Games Morton has attended as an athlete, coach, biathlon team leader, chief of course for the biathlon events and, most recently, as an enthusiastic fan of the U.S. Biathlon Team and U.S. cross-country skiers.


Nordic Warrior?: A Midlife Crisis in Biathlon - Craig Wiggers

My journey into Nordic biathlon as a southern raised, middle-aged, New York transplant has been exciting, funny and memorable. This story is written for sport enthusiasts who are interested in challenges, are considering trying something new and want to laugh. I hope my adventures (and steep learning curve) will be informative for newcomers to the sport and entertaining to those who have lived their lives growing up on skis in snow-covered landscapes. Finally, to those who might “give it a go,” know that you will be joining a community of wonderful, supportive and generous people who love the outdoors and enjoy healthy competition.