U.S. Biathlon Athlete Representatives Sara Studebaker-Hall and Haley Stewart were elected as biathlon's representatives to the U.S. Olympic Committee's Athlete Advisory Council (AAC).

USOPC AAC Representative:Sara Studebaker-Hall

USOPC AAC Alternate:Haley Stewart

USBA Board of Directors Athlete Representative:Sean Doherty

All three athlete representatives sit on the US Biathlon Board of Directors as voting members. Sara and Haley represent US Biathlon to the USOPC Athlete's Advisory Council. Please feel free to contact them with any questions/concerns.
See www.usathlete.org for more information about the AAC. Together with Sean Doherty, they serve as athlete directors on the U.S. Biathlon Board of Directors. 
If you're an active athlete member of U.S. Biathlon, join our closed Facebook page for information from the athlete representatives! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/usBiathlonAthletes/ and select "Join Group." Contact your athlete representatives at their email addresses above.