US Biathlon IBU Announces Adjust...

IBU Announces Adjustments to the 2020-21 Season

By USBA Staff | Sept. 11, 2020, 1:11 p.m. (ET)

New Gloucester, Me. (September 11, 2020) - Today, the IBU Executive Board announced adjustments to the 2020-2021 Competitions Calendar. These adjustments include:
- IBU Cups in November and December are canceled and the IBU Cup will now start on 11-JAN.  The revised IBU Cup calendar can be found on
- The Junior Cup tour is cancelled for this coming season.
USBA Continues to work to ensure competition opportunities at all levels and will continue to make any adjustments as necessary as new announcements come out. Some key points regarding today's announcement: 
WC and IBU Cup Team Selection Procedures:
The ICC will be meeting at the beginning of next week to revise the current Senior Int'l team selection criteria. Those finalized revisions will be published by September 18th at the latest.
IBU Cup Trials
We are still planning on holding an IBU Cup selection trials in the Eastern United States as scheduled in the current criteria - 3 races over 4 days between Dec. 17-20, 2020.
YJWCH Team Selection and Trials
Although the Junior Cup tour is cancelled, the IBU is still planning to hold YJWCH's.  The US YJWCH Trials will still take place as scheduled.  Any changes to the Junior Int'l Team Criteria will be finalized in mid-October.
In addition, the IBU has also announced a set of Covid-19 standards for competition. Those can be found here.
The full release from IBU regarding the current season updates can be found here.