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Winners announced for Virtual North American Summer Biathlon Championships

By USBA Staff | Aug. 12, 2020, 12:30 p.m. (ET)

Lake Placid, NY --- Today U.S Biathlon announces the winners of the 2020 Virtual North American Biathlon Championships. More than 190 competitors from across the U.S. and Canada competed in the event, representing more than 55 ski and biathlon clubs. 

The event was designed to provide an alternative national-level competition opportunity in place of North American Summer Biathlon Rollerski Championships & U.S. Trials races. The 2020 summer festival training & race week that brings together top athletes in North America was canceled this year due to concerns with the spread of Covid-19.

US Biathlon’s Sport Program Manager, Danika Frisbie, helped organize this year’s extraordinary event. "Our big summer festival race weekend in Jericho is the time when we come together as a biathlon community and reconnect after the winter, and is an excellent chance to check-in on how your training is progressing with quality head-to-head competition," says Frisbie. "We didn't want to lose that spirit and competition excitement, even though we couldn’t hold an in-person event."

In the virtual competition, competitors were required to complete a 3000 meter time trial on a track (1500m for U15 athletes) and a biathlon American test from their home club venues during the week of August 3-9. The American test consists of shooting four consecutive shooting stages as quickly and accurately as possible, alternating between prone and standing targets. 

The “total finish" time for the competition was the combination of an athlete’s running test time and shooting test time, plus a 15 second time penalty for each miss in the shooting test. 

Winners of each competition category (male and female) are listed below. 

U.S. Biathlon will congratulate all competitors with a pair of race socks, the traditional race gift of the Jericho summer championships held each year and this year generously donated by the usual host club - Ethan Allen Biathlon Club. Additionally, prizes will be mailed directly to top-finishers in each competition category. 

View the full competition results here.

Download the full competition results here: 

Best American Test PDF

Fastest 3000m PDF

Complete Final Results PDF

 Virtual North American Summer Biathlon Championships 3

Photo credit Jeffrey Leopold

2020 North American Virtual Summer Biathlon Championship Winners by Category:

U15 (13-14) 

  • Sierra Munroe, Sovereign Lake Nordic Club, BC, Canada

  • Elias Watson, Anchorage Biathlon Club, AK, USA

U17 (15-16)

  • Saylor Landrum, Minnesota Biathlon, MN, USA

  • Matej Cervenka, Mt. Itasca - Minnesota Biathlon, MN, USA

Youth (17-18)

  • Kaisa Bosek, Minnesota Biathlon, MN, USA

  • Sam Stertz, Mt. Itasca - Minnesota Biathlon, MN, USA

Juniors (19-21)

  • Helen Wilson, Anchorage Biathlon Club, AK, USA

  • Cedrick Wigger, Biathlon Estrie, QC, Canada

Seniors (22-34)

  • Deedra Irwin, National Guard Biathlon/USBA, VT, USA 

  • Leif Nordgren, National Guard Biathlon/USBA, VT, USA 

Masters (35-59)

  • Christine Dillon, Ethan Allen Biathlon Club, VT, USA

  • Matt Novakovich, Anchorage Biathlon Club, AK, USA

Grand Masters (60+)

  • Ellen Hart, Colorado Biathlon Club, CO, USA

  • Mark Torresani, Blackhawk Ski Club, MN, USA 

Additional Competition Awards and Mentions: 

U13 Honorable Mentions* 

  • Reine Soule, Anchorage Biathlon Club, AK, USA

  • Tristan Thrasher, Steamboat Springs, CO, USA

Fastest Overall 3000m Time (top male and female finishers)

  • Sam Stertz, 9:38 min/sec. Mt. Itasca/Minnesota Biathlon, MN, USA

  • Cheresa Bouley, 11:03 min/sec. Minnesota Biathlon, MN, USA

Best Overall American Test result (fastest shooting time with less than 3 penalties)

  • Liam Connon, 1:24 min/sec. with 2 penalties. Nordic Performance Development Center, BC, Canada

Best finish by a coach member of US Biathlon or Biathlon Canada

  • Best female: Maria Panfilova, total finish time 14:31

  • Best male: Marc Sheppard, total finish time, 14:11  

*U13 is not a typical racing category for USBA and Biathlon Canada, but top finishers are recognized here.


Virtual North American Summer Biathlon Championships 2 

Photo credit Jeffrey Leopold

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