USBA Criteria for 2019-2020 international racing teams announced

By Preston Noon | July 08, 2019, 10:32 a.m. (ET)

Criteria for 2019-2020 international racing teams announced

July 7, 2019

LAKE PLACID, NY. -- The U.S. Biathlon Association today posted qualification criteria for naming to international racing teams this 2019-2020 competition season. The qualifying procedures will be using to determine teams for IBU Biathlon World Cups, IBU Cups, Junior IBU Cups, and World Biathlon Championships and Youth/Junior World Biathlon Championships competitions. 

The major qualifying events for the early season World Cup and IBU Cup teams will remain the same as in past years. Athletes can use their best 3 out of a possible 5 rollerski biathlon races as part of a trials race series held in summer and late fall to join pre-qualified athletes on international team rosters.

Notable changes to this year’s team naming criteria include: 

  • The addition of a 4th start spot to the U.S. women’s team quota, allowing U.S. to send 4 women to the World Cup this year 

  • Domestic trials for January IBU cups will be held one week earlier than Youth/Junior World Cup trials. The winner of domestic trials will compete in European time trials with other IBU cup athletes to determine Trimester 2 teams.

Redesigning the qualification process for January IBU Cups (second trimester) is a response to feedback from coaches and athletes to have a more athlete-centered approach to trials. The revised system for this year attempts to minimize travel stress and sickness, and maximize the performance potential for athletes already racing in Europe, by eliminating the need to travel back to the U.S. and race during a sickness-prone time period. 

In the youth and junior team criteria, team quotas and criteria remain the same, except that junior athletes that qualify for a senior racing team (either World Cup or IBU Cup) during the season will be automatically qualified for the Junior World Championship team.

Summary of Major Qualifying Events:

Senior Teams

  • U.S. Summer Biathlon Rollerski Championships - August 17-18, 2019 - Jericho, VT

  • U.S. Fall Biathlon Trials Series - October 24, 26-27, 2019 - Midway, Utah

  • IBU Cup Winter Trials - December 21-22, 2019 - Craftsbury, VT

  • Europen Time Trials - January 5-7, 2020 - Osrblie, Slovakia

  • NorAm Cup 4 - February 1-2, 2020 - Fort Kent, Maine 

Junior Teams

  • Youth/Junior World Team Trials - December 28-31, 2019 - Jericho, VT

Summary of U.S. International Team Quotas, as determined by IBU rules:

World Cup/IBU Cup

  • 4 women, 4 men

World Championships

  • 5 women, 5 men 

Youth/Junior World Championships

  • 4 athletes per gender per race category (total 16 athletes)

Junior IBU Cup

  • 5 women, 5 men