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Biathlon: The Heartbeat of Winter Sport

Feb. 12, 2019, 11:46 a.m. (ET)

Biathlon is the heartbeat of winter sport. One of the most popular of all Winter Olympic sports, it captivates global fans with the dichotomy of an activity that pumps heart rates up to 180 bpm on grueling cross country ski courses, then forces athletes to stabilize their bodies and breathing to shoot cleanly five times in a row with heart rates hovering above 140 bpm.

U.S. Biathlon has captured the essence of biathlon in its new video called Heartbeat, a 60-second piece that showcases the aggressiveness of cross country, the controlled calmness of shooting and the race for the finish line. Heartbeat is hitting social channels of U.S. Biathlon and its partners this week leading up to the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon events on the Olympic Trails of Utah’s Soldier Hollow Thursday through Sunday (Feb. 14-17).

The World Cup tour is making an appearance on the Olympic Trails for the first time since 2002. All of the best biathletes in the world will be on the starting line in Utah.

The fascinating combination of the aerobics of cross country skiing blended with marksmanship on the shooting range is unlike any other Olympic sport. What excites fans about the sport is the swing in rankings that happens on the range. Keep yourself calm while your heart is racing to shoot clean, and you’ll move up in the rankings; miss a target or two and penalty laps can drop you right out of contention.

Heartbeat captures thrilling clips from World Cup races, showing the aggressiveness of cross country skiing head-to-head with tortuous uphills and screaming downhills. It then segues onto the shooting range where athletes are forced to change both their mental and physiological state - first controlling their breathing against the pulse of 140 heartbeats a minute, then focusing intently with their minds to fire five rounds in quick succession, hopefully hitting five targets. It wraps with the punishing push to the finish line.

As the Heartbeat video illustrates, biathlon is the heartbeat of winter sport.

Click the image below to see the Heartbeat video: