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Khanty-Mansiysk Mass Start Competitions Cancelled Due To High Wiinds

March 20, 2016, 9:21 a.m. (ET)

KHANTY-MANSIYSK, Russia (March 20, 2016) - Due to strong, gusty winds, the competition jury decided to cancel Sunday's mass start competitions for security reasons at the BMW IBU World Cup 9 in Khanty-Mansiysk.

On the final competition day, the women's mass start race was initially postponed, but later the decision was made to cancel both the men's and women's competitions due to safety reasons. A light pole on the shooting range was knocked over by the strong winds and soon thereafter athletes, spectators and staff were told to leave the stadium for security reasons.

This brings and end to the 2015-16 World Cup season. The final placements in the World Cup standings can be found below.

Men's World Cup Mass Start Final Standings

1. Martin Fourcade (FRA) 242
2. Quentin Fillon Maillet (FRA) 162
3. Anton Shipulin (RUS) 155
17. Lowell Bailey (Lake Placid, N.Y.) 113
23. Tim Burke (Paul Smiths, N.Y.) 83

Men's World Cup Overall Final Standings

1. Martin Fourcade (FRA) 1151
2. Johannes Thingnes Boe (NOR) 820
3. Anton Shipulin (RUS) 806
15. Tim Burke (Paul Smiths, N.Y.) 467
17. Lowell Bailey (Lake Placid, N.Y.) 443
45. Sean Doherty (Center Conway, N.H.) 147
57. Leif Nordgren (Marine, Minn.) 66

Women's World Cup Mass Start Final Standings

1. Gabriela Soukalova (CZE) 241
2. Marie Dorin-Habert (FRA) 236
3. Laura Dahlmeier (GER) 228
12. Susan Dunklee (Barton, Vt.) 106
49. Hannah Dreissigacker (Morrisville, Vt.) 8

Women's World Cup Overall Final Standings

1. Gabriela Soukalova (CZE) 1074
2. Marie Dorin-Habert (FRA) 1028
3. Dorothea Wierer (ITA) 492
14. Susan Dunklee (Barton, Vt.) 467
53. Hannah Dreissigacker (Morrisville, Vt.) 88
67. Clare Egan (Cape Elizabeth, Maine) 52
83. Annelies Cook (Saranac Lake, N.Y.)

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