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NJ Summer Biathlon Race One Results

May 13, 2010, 4:43 p.m. (ET)

NJ Summer Biathlon Race One Results

Seventeen Match class and Eighteen Sport class athletes competed in the first
race of the Summer Biathlon Summer Series at Cherry Ridge Range in Vernon, New
Jersey on Sunday, May 9. The race distance was 5km with targets set at 50m for
Match Class (4.5cm prone and 11.5cm offhand targets) and 25m for Sport Class
with 9.5cm targets. A 70m penalty loop was run for each prone and standing miss.
With strong, gusty winds and temperatures that brought about snow flurries, it
was a challenging day for everyone!

Match Class Results
Patricia Zerfas of Maryland won the Women’s Match Class race with seven
penalties to finish in 29:23. Zerfas covered the course 65 seconds faster than
Connecticut’s Rachel Lussier who also recorded seven penalties, finishing in
30:28. Jeanice Naulty of Pennsylvania finished third in Match with six penalties
and a time of 31:59.

First Place in the Men’s Match Class event went to Pennsylvania’s Doug Hoover,
who recorded five penalties to win in a time of 23:14. Veteran Winter Biathlete
and NJ first-timer Eli Walker of New Hampshire also recorded five penalties to
finish second in 25:07. Rounding out the top three was David Greenberg of New
York City, who finished in 25:28.

Sport Class Results
Christina Waggoner of Morristown, New Jersey and Tim Riley of East Brunswick, NJ
won the Women’s and Men’s Sport Class races. Waggoner and Riley each recorded
four penalties to win in 31:31 and 24:33, respectively. Finishing in second and
third places behind Waggoner in the Women’s Sport event was the sister team of
Karen Martin and Claire Coolbeth, who finished in 32:32 and 35:24. In the Men’s
Sport race, second and third places went to a Father and Son team of Summer
Biathlon first-timers: Mitchell and Matthew Weintraub, who finished in 30:04 and

May’s event was held on Mother’s Day, so we added a prize category for
Mother-Child teams. Placing first in the Mother-Child Team Category was Mom
Christina Waggoner, who competed with daughter Jessica Waggoner. Competing in
their first summer biathlons and finishing in second place was the Mother-Child
Team of Cynthia and Daniel Jonas. Congratulations! Thanks to all the
Mother-Child Teams who were comprised of some combination of volunteers and
competitors: Pat & son Curt Emmich, Caroline & son Paul Mossip, Sheryl Reich &
son Sam Greenberg, Alice Martin & daughters Karen Martin and Claire Coolbeth,
and Chris Rogers & sons Ryan and Daniel Rogers. We know that we are pushing the
envelope a bit by hosting a race on Mother’s Day, so we really appreciate all
the moms who participated, volunteered, or simply “allowed” us to enjoy our own
guilty pleasure on her big day!
We hope everyone had a safe and fun time.

Thank You Volunteers!!
A special Thank You to all the volunteers who helped out at May’s race! Thanks
to all our help in the range, including Chief of Range Paul Mossip, range
officials Bob Verhasselt, Frank Gaval, Joe Iwan, William Malkames, Tim Slifkin
and Dave Lange and to scorers Pat Emmich and Stacy Iwan. Thanks too to Emmy
Mossip, Sheryl Reich, and Ryan Rogers who timed the event, and Sam Greenberg and
Daniel Rogers who helped record penalty loops. Thank you to Linda Kiehl and her
son, who ventured out to Cherry Ridge on two separate occasions to clear and
widen the trails in preparation for our event. Our event would not be a success
without the support of friends and family members who man the refreshment tables
and reload magazines, among other things. We really appreciate your dedication
and help!
Thanks too, to all the participants who take the time to set up the range and
course the day of the event, teach clinic, and help clean up after the event: to
Mike Marsan for teaching clinic and helping behind the scenes; to David
Greenberg for motivating us and recruiting his entire family to volunteer…to
Marty Linkletter, Tom Tyls, Paul Leestma, Tim Riley, the Martin & Emmich
Families, Chris Poux, and Rick Kitts – thank you so much. I apologize if I've
missed any names. Your kindness and helpfulness is not overlooked :-) and we do
realize that your assistance on race day takes away from your own athletic
efforts. Our event really is a team effort - from start to finish!
Lastly, thanks to the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs for
sponsoring our event and allowing us to use the wonderful facilities at Cherry
Ridge Range - we really appreciate your support!!

With one race down, we are looking forward to planning at least two other events
this summer. As soon as plans are finalized, details will be available on our
Website at and sent out via e-mail.

This year, Russ Myer and his enthusiastic crew in NY State will be rolling out
the red carpet for the PA-NY-NJ Tri-State Championship event at the Osceola-Tug
Hill XC Ski Center the weekend of October 9th! We hope you can join us and make
Team NJ proud! More details and the race application will be available soon.
Remember to use those $5 off coupons from Sunday’s race when you sign up!

The current 2010 US Summer Biathlon Schedule is listed at the end of this
e-mail. Please consider participating in another event this summer – in NJ or at
one of the other wonderful venues! Aside from great races in NH, MA, WA, MT, VT,
PA and NY, the 2010 Summer Biathlon National Championships will be held in
beautiful Washington State!! If you participate in a Summer Biathlon event and
have your own equipment, you are qualified to participate. The event is hosted
by the Washington Biathlon Association & Seattle Police Athletic Association in
Tukwila, WA. The application and more details will be available on their website

As always, we request and appreciate all your comments and questions. With your
feedback, we can continue to improve our events.

Hope to see you at an upcoming event!

Chris Rogers
NJ Summer Biathlon
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