Membership Information and Levels


General Membership Information

All memberships expire on October 31st and should be renewed annually

Renewal can occur online (here) or through mailing forms to our office (here)


US Biathlon uses an online membership account

This allows members to enjoy the following:

Join and renew their memberships online, saving time.

Donate online

View donation history

Make payments online

Update aspects of your account at any time


US Biathlon offers a number of membership benefits

For individuals: SafeSport certification, discounted airfare when booking through our United partnership,

discounted hotel prices when booking through our IHG partnership, access to events and updates through

our email, discounted prices for officials training clinics, coverage under USBA insurance at sanctioned

events, and access to regional and national level events.


For Clubs: Access to USBA insurance for winter and summer events, updates on news and events

being held around the country through our emails, publicity through our club directory, and the

ability to list your events on our calendar.


Pricing for Levels

Individual Membership Levels

USBA Supporter – Individual $50

USBA Supporter – Couple $50

USBA Adult/Master Competitor – winter/summer $75

USBA Junior/Youth Competitor – 21 & under on Dec. 31st $50

USBA 16 & Under Competitor on Dec. 31st $15

USBA Coach/Official/Trainer/Tech. Delegate $50

USBA Coach/Competitor $75

Lifetime Membership $1000

Member for a day $10


Organization Membership Levels

Biathlon Organization/Club $50

Corporate/Partnership/Organization Members $1000