Downloadable Forms and Instructions for Mail or Fax Membership


Thank you for being a part of US Biathlon! To renew your membership by mail follow the three steps below. If you would like to complete renew your membership online click here


1 – Download and complete the Membership Form

Make sure to complete both sides of the form


2 – Send the form to US Biathlon

Either Scan the form (both sides) and email the form to, or fax the form to US Biathlon, or mail the form as instructed on the form


3 – Pay online or mail the check

Payments can be made online (by clicking one of the below links to your corresponding membership) or by checks made out to USBA and enclosed with the form, or with a credit card that is listed on the form.

Note: If you pay online, list the member name in the text box after payment info so it is clear who the membership is for.


For online payment please select membership category below:

USBA Supporter - Individual: $50

USBA Supporter - Couple: $75 

USBA Competitor - winter & summer athletes: $75 

USBA Junior/Youth Competitor - 21 & under on Dec 31st: $50 

USBA 16 & Under Competitor - 17 & under on Dec 31st: $20 

Biathlon Org./Club: $200 

USBA Coach/Official/Trainer/Tech. Delegate: $50 

Lifetime Membership: $1000  

Member For a Day: $20