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Lake Placid Ski Club

The Lake Placid Ski Club is a not-for-profit organization which provides programs that teach children how to ski. These programs take in the beginners through the Olympic Skiers. The Club offers programs in Alpine Racing, Alpine Recreational Skiing and Snowboarding, Biathlon, Cross Country Racing, Cross Country Recreational, Freestyle, Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping. The Lake Placid Ski Club is funded by memberships, fundraising and a donation from the Town of North Elba. The Ski Club is dedicated to finding ways to support their members as they strive toward their competitive goals. The Ski Club does this through several fundraising events. The Lake Placid Ski Club meets on the third Thursday of each of the following months: September, October, November, January, February, March. The meetings are open to anyone. Because of the informality of the meetings, we do not have a set place that we meet. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact anyone one of the board for the meeting information.


Polar Bear Biathlon Club

The Polar Bear Ski Club program is held after school. The Polar Bear Ski Club sponsors a weekend racing program for Alpine, Nordic and Biathlon skiers. The races are both home and away at other venues. The coaches will hand out the racing schedules when they are finalized.


Saratoga Biathlon Club

The Saratoga Biathlon Club is comprised of individuals who enjoy the challenge which biathlon entails (both summer and winter). In addition, there are some members who enjoy the use of the club’s private trail system (skiing, snowshoeing, running, biking, hiking, etc…), even though they don’t participate in the sport of biathlon. The trail system is owned and maintained by Jim Schreiner, father of three time Olympian Curt Schreiner. There is a fully functional biathlon range, which contains fifteen lanes with knock down biathlon targets, capable of being set for either offhand or prone. The club host events year round, usually around 4 summer races and 6 or more winter races. In addition there are clinics and training camps for members. Plus the occasional fun social event (moonlight ski).


Syracuse Biathlon