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Methow Valley Biathlon Club

Biathlon is the unique winter sport that combines two challenging disciplines into one exciting event, Nordic skiing and shooting. The Methow Valley is home to one of the most successful and inclusive biathlon programs in the United States. Led by coach Betsy Devin-Smith, Methow Valley Biathlon is a program for both youth and adults. Methow Valley Biathlon trains and competes on two biathlon ranges. One range is located in Mazama right on the MVSTA ski trails, the other range is located at Liberty Bell High School. Methow Valley Biathlon’s goal is to promote the sport of biathlon to all ages and abilities. Rifle safety, sportsmanship, discipline and fun are hallmarks of the program.

Washington Biathlon Association

The Washington Biathlon Association is a non-profit organization that was formed to develop and assist the sports of Biathlon and Summer Biathlon within the state of Washington. The Association in its present form was formed in February of 1999 and is registered with the State of Washington, the United States Biathlon Association and is an IRS 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. The WBA's focus is on planning, sponsoring and administering summer and winter biathlon races and developing a greater number of biathlon venue sites in Washington. The WBA was formed under guidelines established by the United States Biathlon Association (USBA), the national governing body for the Olympic and World Cup sport of Winter Biathlon and the rapidly growing sport of Summer Biathlon. The WBA enjoys close ties with the Stevens Pass Nordic Center, The Summit-at-Snoqualmie Nordic Center, Snoqualmie Nordic Club, The Leavenworth Winter Sports Club (LWSC), The Methow Valley Biathlon and the Seattle Police Athletic Association.