IBU Open European Championships

Minsk-Raubichi, Belarus

Feb. 18 - 24, 2019

  • 20 FEB 2019 08:00 Men 20 km Individual Competition SCHEDULEDShow more 
  • 20 FEB 2019 11:30 Women 15 km Individual Competition SCHEDULEDShow more 
  • 21 FEB 2019 08:00 Single Mixed Relay (W-M) SCHEDULEDShow more 
  • 21 FEB 2019 11:00 2x6+2x7.5 Mixed Relay (W-M) SCHEDULEDShow more 
  • 23 FEB 2019 03:00 Men 10 km Sprint Competition SCHEDULEDShow more 
  • 23 FEB 2019 06:00 Women 7.5 km Sprint Competition SCHEDULEDShow more 
  • 24 FEB 2019 03:00 Men 12.5 km Pursuit Competition SCHEDULEDShow more 
  • 24 FEB 2019 05:00 Women 10 km Pursuit Competition SCHEDULEDShow more


OECH Organizing Committee would like to draw your attention once again
to the most important issues concerning your arrival and stay in Belaus.
In the attached file (Important Information for Teams) you will find
some useful recommendations.

We would be very grateful if you pass this information to the team
leader or team manager responsible for OECH.

Please let us know if you need any other application forms
(accommodation, transportation, etc.).

We would also be glad to answer any question you may have with regard to
the upcoming OECH.

Thank you for all your efforts!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Belarus.

With best regards,
Darya Leosh

Radio Permit/ Frequency Permit | Radio Permit EXAMPLE/ Frequency Permit EXAMPLE

Border Crossing by Automobile VEHICLE PERMIT (Due February 3rd)