USBA 2030 Plan


US Biathlon is excited to share our vision and the highlights of our strategic plan for 2030 with our biathlon family. We have updated our vision and mission to better align with the future opportunities for biathlon in the U.S., and defined a road map to achieve sustained competitive excellence. Looking ahead, we see:

  • Biathlon clubs are ubiquitous across the snowy regions of our country, providing easy access for young athletes and offering excellent coaching and safe year-round programing that is fun and inspiring;

  • Biathlon attracting the most talented skiers and providing clear, well-designed pathways and opportunities for talent development, along with ample club and need-based support; and

  • The US Biathlon Team achieving consistent medal winning performances every year, beginning with one Olympic medal in 2026 and four in 2030, at least one gold.

To realize this future, we have an ambitious and transformative plan for US Biathlon’s long-term success that will foster this robust community of clubs across the nation, attract the most talented, young athletes and offer them the foundation needed to succeed on the world stage and win medals at the Olympic Winter Games. Underpinning every aspect of our plan is holistic athlete support with a world-class High-Performance Program.

Our plan defines four key priorities with a comprehensive set of objectives:

Grow the Base

  • Clubs and Grassroots growth and Support, Coaching Development and Youth & Diversity

Recruit and Develop Top Talent

  • Regional Programming, Talent ID & Transfer, Dedicated Coaching & First-Class Training, Affordability

World Class High Performance

  • Elite Athlete Support, Technology/ Innovation, Infrastructure & Programming

Organizational Excellence

  • Athlete Wellness, Management & Operations, Communications, Partnerships, Fundraising

All these pillars are critical, so please join our journey today and make a donation to US Biathlon that will help us build biathlon broadly and win America’s last first winter Olympic medals. Thank you and we are excited to push forward towards 2030 together!


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