Media Contacts

USOC Media Contacts  
Patrick Sandusky
Chief Communications Officer
Beth Bourgeois
Head of Press Relations and Delegation Spokesperson
Katie Branham
Head of Digital Media and Content

 Sport Press Officers  

Archery Sarah Bernstein 201-919-8050
Boccia Nora Schober 719-208-9907
Cycling Nora Schober
Goalball Courtney Patterson 416-648-0576
Judo Diego Osorio 305-842-7215
Powerlifting Whitt Carter 405-974-3127
Sitting Volleyball Bill Kauffman 719-310-2439
Soccer Neil Buethe 312-371-2724
Swimming Annemarie Blanco  416-844-7849
Table Tennis Sean O'Neill  503-941-0731
Track and Field Brianna Tammaro 719-237-2179
Wheelchair Basketball Claudio Lepore 347-837-7011
Wheelchair Rugby Jen Remick 416-720-6496
Wheelchair Tennis Tom LaDue 914-697-2352