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 Name   Height   Weight   DOB   Birthplace                     Hometown 
 Connor Fields              6-0  190  9/14/1992  Plano, Texas   Las Vegas, Nev.         
 Nic Long  6-2  200  10/6/1989   San Diego, Calif.                Lakeside, Calif.


 Name    Height   Weight   DOB   Birthplace                               Hometown 
 Alise Post                   5-2  125  1/17/1991  St. Cloud, Minn.  St. Cloud, Minn.       
 Felicia Stancil  5-8  160  5/18/1995   Lake County, Ill.          Lake Villa, Ill.



 Name  Height   Weight    DOB  Birthplace                               Hometown
 Stephen Ettinger        6-0  145  4/28/1989   Cashmere, Wash.   Cashmere, Wash.
 Spencer Paxson   5-9  150  12/9/1984   The Dalles, Oreg.          Trout Lake, Wash.    


 Name  Height   Weight    DOB  Birthplace                               Hometown  
 Kate Courtney          5-4  115  10/29/1995   San Francisco, Calif.        Kentfield, Calif.
 Erin Huck  5-5  115  6/17/1981   Boulder, Colo.  Estes Park, Colo.      

Road and Track


 Name  Event   Height   Weight    DOB  Birthplace    Hometown  
 Matt Baranoski    Sprint, Team Sprint, Keirin   6-0  212  7/27/1993   Sellersville, Pa.   Perkasie, Pa.
 David Espinoza   Team Sprint  6-0  173  1/14/1989   Miami, Fla.  Miami, Fla. 
 Eric Marcotte   Road Race, Time Trial  5-8  158  2/8/1990  Isheming, Mich.   Marquette, Mich. 
 Danny Robertson    Sprint, Team Sprint, Keirin  6-1  207  6/2/1998   Rolling Meadows, Ill.    Rolling Meadows, Ill. 


 Name   Event   Height   Weight    DOB  Birthplace   Hometown  
 Kelly Catlin           Time Trial, Team Pursuit   5-6  140  11/3/1995   Saint Paul, Minn.        Arden Hills, Minn.    
 Sarah Hammer  Omnium, Team Pursuit  5-7  150  8/8/1983  Torrance, Calif.  Temecula, Calif.
 Lauren Tamayo  Road Race, Team Pursuit   5-10  145  10/25/1993   Bethlehem, Pa.   Asheville, N.C.
 Jennifer Valente   Team Pursuit  5-9  170  1/17/1991   San Diego, Calif.   San Diego, Calif. 
 Ruth Winder   Road Race, Team Pursuit   5-4  135  7/9/1993  Steeton, United Kingdom    Lafayette, Calif. 

Results - Women's BMX

 Date Country
Athlete Finish Time
 July 11 USA Felicia Stancil
Gold 41.647
  ECU Azuero Gonzalez
Silver 41.948
  ARG Mariana Diaz
Bronze 42.611
  USA Alise Post
6th 1:22.541

Results - Men's BMX

 Date Country
Athlete Finish Time
 July 11 CAN Tory Nyhaug
Gold 36.208
  ECU Alfredo Campo Vintimilla
Silver 36.501
  USA Nic Long
Bronze 37.046
  USA Connor Fields


Results - Women's Mountain

 Date Country
Athlete Finish Time
 July 12 CAN Emily Batty
Gold 1:27:13
  CAN Catharine Pendrel
Silver 1:27:20
  USA Erin Huck
Bronze 1:32:36
  USA Kate Courtney
7th 1:36:20

Results - Men's Mountain

 Date Country
Athlete Finish Time
 July 12 CAN Raphael Gagne
Gold 1:31:14
  ARG Catriel Soto
Silver 1:32:04
  USA Stephen Ettinger
Bronze 1:33:02
  USA Spencer Paxson
6th 1:36:37

Results - Men's Team Sprint

 Date Country
Finish Time
 July 16 CAN Gold 44.241
  VEN Silver 45.087
  BRA Bronze 44.769
  USA 6th 46.145

Results - Women's Team Pursuit

 Date Country
Finish Time
 July 17 CAN Gold 4:19.664
  USA Silver 4:26.426
  MEX Bronze

Results - Men's Sprint

 Date Country
Athlete Finish
 July 18 CAN Hugo Barrette Gold
  TTO Njisane Phillip Silver
  VEN Hersony Canelon Vera Bronze
  USA Matt Baranoski 5th
  USA David Espinoza 10th

Results - Men's Keirin

 Date Country
Athlete Finish
 July 19 COL Fabian H. Puerta Zapata Gold
  VEN Hersony Canelon Vera Silver
  CAN Hugo Barrette Bronze
  USA Matt Baranoski 8th

Results - Women's Omnium

 Date Country
Finish Total
 July 19 USA Sarah Hammer Gold 233
  CAN Jasmin Glaesser Silver 217
  CUB Marlies Mejias Bronze 194

Results - Women's Time Trial

 Date Country
Finish Time
 July 22 USA Kelly Catlin Gold 26:25.58
  CAN Jasmin Glaesser Silver 27:01.31
  ESA Evelyn Garcia Bronze 27:20.24

Results - Men's Time Trial

 Date Country
Finish Time
 July 22 CAN Hugo Houle Gold 45:13.48
  MEX Ignacio Prado Silver 46:31.35
  CAN Sean MacKinnon Bronze 46:51.46
  USA Eric Marcotte 7th 48:07.27

Results - Women's Road Race

 Date Country
Finish Time
 July 25 CAN Jasmin Glaesser Gold 2:07:17
  CUB Marlies Mejias Silver 2:07:17
  CAN Allison Beveridge Bronze 2:07:51
  USA Ruth Winder 7th 2:07:52
  USA Lauren Tamayo 30th 2:08:00

Results - Men's Road Race

 Date Country
Finish Time
 July 25 VEN Miguel Ubeto Aponte Gold 3:46:26
  USA Eric Marcotte Silver 3:46:26
  CAN Guillaume Boivin Bronze 3:46:26