Team USA's 2020 Paralympic Collegiate Footprint

Starting in 2019, Team USA began qualifying athletes to represent the United States at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, which will be held this summer in Japan. There are many methods used to name Paralympic Teams, some are determined by national governing bodies/high performance management organizations and others through a process established by the international federation. The most common ways collegiate athletes will punch their tickets to Tokyo include:

  • World and overall ranking: during the competitive season, an athlete’s world or domestic ranking may qualify them to compete in Tokyo. Tennis is an example that qualifies athletes through world rankings. 
  • Team selection: most team sports will select their teams from a pool of hopefuls – oftentimes this occurs through a series of camps and tournaments where evaluations take place and may span the full quad. Sports that have team selections with a combination of objective and discretionary criteria include wheelchair basketball and rowing. 
  • Paralympic trials: several sports will host a Paralympic trials wherein the top athletes from across the nation will compete against one another to qualify for the Paralympics. Sports that qualify athletes through Paralympic trials include Para track and field, Para swimming and archery.
  • All selections and qualifications to the Paralympic Team must be approved by the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. It is anticipated the full 2020 U.S. Paralympic Team will be announced the week of July 25, 2021, and include approximately 250-265 athletes. Please use the below database to see whether your school or conference has had athletes qualify to represent Team USA in Tokyo, noting the majority of team selections will occur in June 2021.

Please note athletes that are named as alternates or replacement athletes are not reflected in the below database. These athletes will not become Paralympians until they step on the field of play and compete for Team USA in Tokyo.

NOTE: For a full collegiate breakdown of the 2020 U.S. Paralympic Team, please review the below database. Utilize Ctrl+Shift+Enter to view the raw data once within the report or view the view the Para collegiate footprint raw data.