Racial and Social Demonstrations

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) values the expression of Team USA athletes and believes that their right to advocate for racial and social justice, and be a positive force for change, absolutely aligns with the fundamental values of equality that define Team USA and the Olympic and Paralympic movements. Racial and Social Demonstrations (as defined below) will not be punished or undermined by the USOPC, nor will they affect an athlete’s participation rights at a U.S. Olympic or Paralympic Trials event.

Commercial Markings

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Trials Participant Rules – Commercial Markings codify USOPC policies and practices related to the use or display of commercial marks at domestic Trials events, and clarify the roles, responsibilities and processes for commercial-related grievances. The policy and protocols are designed to prioritize the athlete experience and right to compete at Trials.

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee has recently published updated rules surrounding commercial markings on clothing and sport equipment at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Trials events. As you are aware, these rules have come into effect just a few months before your Trials event. Pursuant to the newly enacted U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Trials Participant Rules – Commercial Markings, the USOPC may grant exceptions to the requirements. As a result of the short amount of time to reproduce apparel/equipment for the Paralympic Trials event, the USOPC is hereby granting an exception to the commercial markings requirements for the Paralympic Trials, June 17 - 19, 2021. The rules that were in effect and approved for Paralympic Trials regarding the size of club logos will still be in effect. Of note, the club logo size will not be limited to the new requirement of 30 square centimeters, but rather follow the allowances that were already approved for the 2020 Trials event. 

While these rules establish clear review processes, they do not determine criteria or procedures for team selection and qualification, which are defined by the NGB and vary by sport. Athletes who are seeking independent and confidential advice may contact the Office of the Athlete Ombuds at