Hanging out with Lolo Jones

On the set of “Talk Stoop”

Taking a break mid-photo shoot and enjoying some sun :)

I am relieved to announce that I am finally six weeks out of surgery and feeling great. The first couple weeks were painful; however, I am almost pain-free now and doing great for my timeframe. The first six weeks of rehab are quite mellow, yet vital for the initial healing from the surgery trauma and therefore it was important to lay low. After these weeks pass, I can start to work on full range, riding the bike and, of course, strength.

Since my accident, I had been isolated from interviews and have refrained from details about my future in terms of Sochi and getting back on snow. After talking to my doctor, physical therapist and other parts of my support team, I made the decision to speak out about my goal which still remains competing in Sochi.

I participated in the U.S. Olympic Committee’s 2013 Team USA Media Summit in Park City, Utah a couple weeks ago and this was the first time I released my statement. First, I just want to say how bone chilling it is to be invited to an event with such an exclusive and historical group of athletes. Every athlete that attended is a huge idol to me and I loved seeing the variety of athletes who have worked so hard to get there, just as I have myself.

I must say, it was easier to rehearse the statement of my goal than actually saying it in interviews. When you are a healthy athlete, of course it is still a challenge to meet your goals. You still have tiresome training and endless jump sessions; however, once you’re hurt you have the battle of just getting back to normal. Normal. That sounds pretty fantastic right about now. With this being said, my goal of Sochi is 100-percent the reason I am getting out of bed in the morning and going to the gym for six hours a day. It is the reason I still have a smile on my face and it is the reason I will put my head down and fight through anything thrown at me in the next four months. I have dreamed of walking into the Opening Ceremony representing Team USA way too many times to give up now.

Some people may think I am crazy and that biologically this might not be possible… and in the back of my head, I do have that doubt in my mind. However, my main goal is that come January 19 when the Olympic Team is named, I look back at the past five months and can honestly tell myself I gave every tear of pain and every drip of sweat in giving my absolute best. The amount of hours I am about to spend in the gym and the tough barriers ahead will not be easy, but I have to give it my all. If I can do that, then no one can take that effort away from me. It’s amazing that in the past two years I have tried to avoid thinking about the Games in fear of pressure, but these days it’s the first thought that runs through my head in the morning and the last at night. Head down, all out, it’s time to live some dreams.