I’ve been in Calgary now since competing in the national championships for USA Weightlifting on July 27. I was really happy with my results. I had a new best total and Clean & Jerk for competition! 100 for my Clean & Jerk and 181 for my total! It is motivating and I look forward to continuing training as an Olympic hopeful for Rio.

However, I have another Olympic Games to focus on that start in less than 23 weeks! Only 159 days to Opening Ceremony! I’m so excited! (If you can’t tell by my punctuation.) The bobsled and skeleton community is small, and we all struggle to make it in our own ways. I was lucky enough to be invited into the home of two other athletes. They had a spare room in their basement.

I didn’t know Heath (the Australian bobsledder who invited me to stay with him) all that well, but due to the recent flooding in Calgary, housing was tough to come by. It has been awesome to have been here the last month. Not only has the training been all I could ask for to prepare for the upcoming season by pushing in the ice house (there is no ice in the summer, but Calgary has a small section iced indoors so that we can work on our starts for bobsled, skeleton and luge), but I feel like I’ve made two new lifelong friends. Heath is one of the nicest and most generous people I’ve met, and our other roommate Thomas, a development bobsledder for Canada, has become my fishing buddy.

The second week I moved in we decided to go buy fishing gear and licenses, and have been going fishing once or twice a week to different spots. I have to say it’s something I haven’t done for, it seems, more than a decade, but it’s so much fun! We have yet to catch anything, but it’s not about the catch so much as hiking/driving through the mountains. I will update soon with our first catch though. We are learning to be smarter than the fish!