“Bud…” “Weis…” “Errrrrr…” (said in the grumbling frog tone). A legendary and notorious advertising jingle that most of us first experienced over a decade ago during one of the Super Bowls (circa 1995). If you don’t remember, here is a classic clip:

I’ve been a huge fan of creative advertisement and how companies can engage an audience, make them intrigued, chat up a product/brand, as well as tell a story delivering a very important message. Budweiser (officially Anheuser Busch) has been a Team USA sponsor just shy of 30 years now. An American-made patriotic beer supporting the top athletes of our nation who compete on the world’s stage — how did that relationship come about? Budweiser started their support for Team USA right before the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. In conjunction with that partnership they rolled out the first lead in “Drink Responsibly” and “Designate a Driver” campaigns.

As an Olympic hopeful for the 2014 Winter Games, I am extremely proud and honored to have Budweiser as a supporting role in Team USA’s success! Besides being a product made in America, their patriotic pride for country, people and preserving quality product while endorsing safety first is commendable. I had the privilege of being invited to the second annual Budweiser Made In America festival held in none other than historic Philadelphia in Benjamin Franklin Parkway (one of the concert stages was build atop the famous stairs “Rocky” jogs up while training for boxing). This two-day event took place Aug. 31 – Sept. 1, 2013. Budweiser teamed up with music legend Jay-Z for the second time in launching a festival that, well, from my experience, supports and promotes patriotism, unity and cultural respect. Kinda sounds similar to words used when describing the Olympic Movement… (Probably why Budweiser is such a great fit in helping Team USA!)

The Skype mobile in the "Cause Village" at BMIA!

One of the Budweiser Made In America concert stages 

Some pretty lively Budweiser fans and concert goers… not to
mention proud Americans!

Performances over the two days on four different stages in the heart of Philadelphia included: Beyonce´, Deadmau5, Imagine Dragons, Emeli Sande´, Wiz Khalifa, Phoenix, 2 Chainz, Nine Inch Nails, Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Miguel, Robert DeLong and many, many more talented artists. As you can see from the concert line up, Budweiser and Jay-Z were able to bring an extremely talented, eclectic array of artists in a multitude of genres together for one eventful weekend. This was a huge success in uniting the public for a common theme. Budweiser had almost 30,000 more people each day attend the festival compared to last year. I watched thousands of people migrate from one stage to the other just not to miss a second of each performance. They rushed from Queens of the Stone Age across the grounds to watch Calvin Harris light up the night with his upbeat remixes and flashing lights which got the crowd hyped just in time for the finale performance the second evening from Nine Inch Nails. 

The BMIA Festival wasn’t just about music and living up the last weekend of summer before fall quickly approaches. Budweiser created an area in the park called “Cause Village.” There were charitable, educational and family friendly organizations posted up their tents filled with activities, information pamphlets and free swag.

Some organizations that I was able to get a few words in with were the USO tent, the Skype mobile and the “Designate a Driver” tent. Each of these tents had a staff that was enthusiastic, getting the crowd motivated and educated as well as engaging them in some fun activities. There were “Designate a Driver” and “Drink Responsibly” paraphernalia all over the parkway grounds as well as random surveyors asking about peoples beverages of choice, how many they may have had that day, as well as how they plan on traveling. It was really impressive how interactive the whole festival was and the huge stand for “partying” safely with a brand you can trust.

Contrary to popular belief, Team USA athletes and the U.S. Olympic Committee are not sponsored by the government; it all comes from individual donors and companies such as Budweiser. Budweiser isn’t one to brag about their Team USA support, both financial and with prideful cheers, but they are an integral part to how my fellow teammates and I have opportunities to train in any of the three U.S. Olympic Training Centers around the U.S., get extended funding for our National Governing Bodies to keep equipment, coaches, sports medicine staff, uniforms, competition fees and travel at a lower cost, if any, and much more behind the scenes. The Olympic Games for summer or winter athletes isn’t every four years, it is every day — a lively hood, a job of a lifetime living out your dreams. Budweiser gets that and they get the American people. The MIA festival is just another clear statement on the bigger picture for Budweiser: a made in America product, for the people, promoting unity, responsibility, safety and awareness not just in beverage, but sport, family activities and causes close to home.

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For more information on the BMIA festival just type “Made in America Festival” or “MIA festival” into any social media outlet.

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