Making music with the Today show, hanging out in the photo
booth with Maddie Bowman and sitting down for a chat with ESPN

In the midst of preparing for the Olympic Winter Games on hill there is some behind the scenes work off-hill to do as well. In between the time of summer camps and spring camps we have about a month or so to squeeze in gym time, and this year that time included the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Team USA Media Summit to help promote Team USA athletes with different media outlets around the United States for the buildup of the Games.

Media Summits gather athletes from all winter sports that have the potential to make the Olympics. The USOC brings all of us together in a span of three or four days with about 300 different broadcast stations, photo shoots and publications to talk about the journey leading up to Sochi. It was a total whirlwind and I was busy all day. It was a lot of fun to meet up with the Today show (see photo) where I got to play around and sing. Who knows — maybe when I am done skiing I will become a musician? Another highlight was getting to chat with the folks at Google and do a Google+ Hangout! For all of you interested in social media be sure to check out my new Google+ page too…I’ll be updating it with this blog, photos, video and more.

Hanging with my main man Pete Holmes at the Center of
Excellence foam pit for his show on TBS...this guy is HILARIOUS!

Once you are all done talking about yourself (which can be really hard to do sometimes!) it’s the time to get in any last minute training preparations before the season starts and qualifications begin for the Olympic Team. So basically you are chasing the snow to get any extra time on your skis to ensure you are fully confident in the months to come. Some athletes are in the gym getting as strong as possible rehabbing injuries or just getting strong for the season too.

I am currently in middle earth again (that’s New Zealand) for the spring camp U.S. Freeskiing hosts once the resorts are closed. It’s fun because a bunch of national teams are also down here getting a last chance to prepare before the North American resorts start to open. There’s already a couple open in Colorado! Before you know it competition season will be here!

Next up I am heading home to Park City for a quick visit then onward to NYC where The North Face will be unveiling our Olympic uniforms for the 100 Day Countdown to Sochi celebration. After that I was lucky to be invited to the USOC’s celebration where I will get to check out the Today show! That’ll be up next time — I’m racking up those frequent flier miles…see you soon!