Competing at Dew Tour Snow Basin
Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain

What's up, guys! I’ve officially had my return-to-snow camp in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. with the U.S. Freeskiing Team for our spring camp. I have been able to start progressing…hitting rails and boxes. I am still restricted a bit with jumping, but still managing to have my fun! Stoked on how everything is feeling and I can’t wait for the rest of the summer.

So, the topic of women’s jump sizes has been the talk for quite some time now and I feel the need to express my opinion on the subject, if you haven’t already heard me speak about it in person. I am NOT in favor of separate courses for men and women! I understand that if there are weather issues on competition days that it is nice to have a second option to fall back on, but besides that we are fully capable of hitting the same jumps as the men. All this talk about how the progression of women’s skiing will improve greatly is true, but I believe it is already there! We have seen doubles already being thrown, spins in both directions and technical slope runs being put together, so why are we trying to take a step back? Sarah Burke and countless other females have worked tirelessly to bring equality into our sport.

Blowing my knee this year is the injury that no skier ever wants to have happen and I was training on a course that I would later have to compete on. The reason why I blew my knee is not because I didn’t have enough training time or the jump was sketchy, but because things happen. I know the risks that I am taking while skiing and I just accept the fact that I can get hurt at any time.

It is true that the women aren’t as big as the male skiers, so sometimes we take harder hits resulting in getting serious injuries. We see women out for the season due to injuries and it seems like half the field is wiped out; however, this happens just as often to the men. Just as many men get hurt as the women do, but it just seems less extreme because the fields are so much bigger.

Separate courses would also mean the fight that women made to get paid equal to the men’s prize money would go right out the door, because they would have to use our prize money to build the course for us! I know this is a controversial subject, and this is just my opinion on building separate women’s jumps. Overall I feel it is important to keep progressing our/my sport of women’s freeskiing in a positive direction! What do you think?