What’s up, guys? My name is Devin Logan. I am a 20-year-old freeskier from West Dover, Vt. I was born on Long Island, N.Y., but going into my freshman year of high school my mom and I moved up to Vermont. Growing up as the youngest of five (two older sisters and two older brothers), I was thrown into ski competitions at the early age of 6. I originally really wanted to race, but my brothers Sean and Chris told me they would disown me, and my mom thought it’d be easiest to put me in freestyle to travel to competitions with my brothers. I instantly fell in love with competing and catching air. My home resort Mount Snow (check out Carinthia Parks if you are ever on the East coast!) had awesome terrain parks and that’s where my brothers and I got into hitting jumps, rails and the halfpipe.

Fast forward a decade or so and things have gone better than I ever expected. I have three X Games medals, one Dew Tour Cup, two Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) overall ranking titles and lots of really fun memories and cool travels. Because I compete in halfpipe and slopestyle (not a lot of girls, or for that matter, compete in both), sometimes it’s challenging to train for both. It’s a lot to have dialed at competitions because I am often going from one training venue to the other. It’s physically and mentally draining, too. Recently, the IOC voted to include halfpipe and slopestyle freeskiing at the Olympics. I was stoked! I would love to have the opportunity to compete on behalf of my country and maybe get some bling at the same time!


This past summer, I was training in New Zealand, where a lot of skiers and snowboarders go to train in winter conditions. I had just won the first halfpipe World Cup that started the Olympic nations qualifying period and was feeling great. I was training on the slope course for the New Zealand Open, went a little too big on a cork 720, landed backseat and I felt my knee pop. I knew right then that I had blown my ACL.  The doctors couldn’t confirm it until I got home.  To say I was devastated is an understatement. The prognosis was a torn ACL, meniscus, and two of the largest micro-fractures my doctor had ever seen. Surgery was booked for Sept. 13, 2012. I was non-weight bearing for seven weeks and I still had another five months of rehab before I could even think about putting skis on.

To keep myself busy, I started classes at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, along with a strict rehab program at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s Center of Excellence in Park City to get my knee strong again. The opportunity arose to become a certified freeskiing judge through the AFP and International Ski Federation (FIS). I took the one-day course with the goal to better educate myself on how the judging works so that when I get back on skis I will have a good strategy to get to where I need to be competitively with my runs. Since my judging certification, I have learned so much about how the scoring works and I have judged a couple events too, like The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series.

It’s been a challenging time since I hurt my knee, but I have made a point to go to every competition I can to cheer on my friends. I figure if I can’t be on snow with them, I might as well be the loudest person in the finish corral!
Because I’ve been so dedicated to my rehab and time in the gym, I just found out that I will be able get back on snow a month earlier than my doctor had initially thought. End of April, here I come!