Back on snow for the first time!


What’s going on, guys? Devin Logan checking in…and guess what, I finally got back out on my skis for the first time in six months! Stoked that everything felt so normal and great. I’m falling back in love with skiing every day I can shred and so happy about it.

When I met with my doctor, he was so thrilled on the turnout of my MRI that he patted himself on the back. He and my physical therapist gave me the OK to take a whopping four runs on groomers at Park City. The first run I was a bit nervous (not going to lie), but once I got going all I wanted to do was to carve so hard. It’s just like riding a bike! I have been strength testing at the Center of Excellence in Park City and currently have 98 percent of my strength back. I also have been starting on plyometric exercises and progressing on the trampoline, too. I need to take baby steps in jumping because the knee has been through a lot! It is really hard to hold myself back from jumping off of the littlest lips on the side of the trail. All I want to do is get back to sending it, but I am dedicated to my training and healing so I am keeping both feet on the ground. My physical therapist is also watching me like a hawk because she knows me way too well! I am also new to this whole brace thing….I feel bionic! It also took me a half hour to figure out how to put the thing on at first. Everything I have done this year has been a learning process for me. My knee is feeling really great and I have been working hard to get through the final healing process.

Getting inverted on the trampoline

I was invited to a pretty cool opportunity with the United States Olympic Committee and NBC Universal in Los Angeles. On Thursday, I had one full day of shooting with many of the members of the NBC family and for the pre/during/post-Olympic coverage in the form of photos and video interviews. I was pretty stoked to do this! Even though it is the springtime, I brought all my ski gear for the shoot. Watch for all this awesome content soon! I am in the middle of finals at Westminster College and will be finishing up a final right before I head to L.A. From there I head to Mammoth Mountain for an intense spring training camp with U.S. Freeskiing, followed by a Monster camp. I am looking forward to it because at that point I will be able to start getting airborne and hitting rails and boxes! This summer my primary goal is to chase the snow as much as I can so I’ll be good to compete in the late summer FIS World Cup in New Zealand and maybe Argentina. Because I was injured and couldn’t compete all season, I have a lot of work to do and some catching up! I’ll keep you posted on what I am working on, but I got to get on snow and into the air first! Trying to do everything right the first time and not rush anything.