Here are the uniforms! L-R: John Teller (skicross), Maddie Bowman (halfpipe), Aaron Blunck (halfpipe), myself and Tom Wallisch (slopestyle)
A rail jam in Times Square!
Got to meet Gavin DeGraw?!

Hey guys! Ski season is just around the corner and in the blink of an eye the Olympic qualifiers will be starting up. Before that begins, though, I had an amazing time in New York City with Team USA celebrating 100 days out until the Olympics. I was able to participate in The North Face competition uniforms unveiling and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s Ski Ball.

The first day I was in New York with The North Face team getting ready to unveil the U.S. Freeskiing’s uniforms for Sochi. My fellow The North Face teammates and I have been working with The North Face for two years. We’ve been in and out of meetings getting a good idea for what we would like in the uniforms to feel and look most comfortable in the games. The North Face really nailed it and I couldn’t be more excited. They took everything possible into consideration of what the athletes want in a uniform, right down to our ski socks! One of the coolest pieces of our uniforms is that they all have a piece of Mount Everest sewn into them. They cut up a Himalayan The North Face suit that had summited Everest and sewed a piece into every coat that will be worn in Sochi. Each uniform took 19 hours to be completed and the uniforms were designed and manufactured in the United States! The whole The North Face team did an incredible job on the uniforms and I can’t wait to hopefully be sporting them in Russia.

The 100 days out event was celebrated in the middle of Times Square. The United States Olympic Committee shut down the streets and hosted some demonstrations, signings and interviews with Team USA. You may have seen me in the background of the Today show waving some flags! This was just the start of some of the amazing coverage we were able to get leading up to Sochi. In the middle of Times Square Team USA had a rail jam set up for the crowds of NYC to spectate and get a better idea of what freeskiing is. At the end of the night some of the athletes got introduced in the middle of Time Square followed by a performance from Gavin DeGraw debuting his Olympic song! I event got to meet him!

The last night in New York we had another U.S. Ski Team fundraiser in the Museum of Natural History! Before we attended the Ball Raika Studio and Paul Mitchell hosted a special event where they cut and styled my hair. It was a really special experience and felt so good! We had 33 athletes at the dinner to help raise money for the entire U.S. ski and snowboard team. Dinner was held under a whale in the ocean room where all the athletes were introduced and auctions were held!

To sum up — my whole trip to New York was an incredible time and made me even more excited about this winter. Go Team USA! #RoadtoSochi