Olympic Interview Day (5/13/13)


Taking my dogs out for a walk before the shoot
Stoked to be on the set of the NBC Olympics photo shoot
11-hour day and still lookin' good!

The spring has sprung and it was time for the biggest interview day of my career. The interviews took place in LA at Smashbox Studios. The purpose was to build our Olympic profiles so if and when we make the team they have all the content they need to build a good story about us! I was stoked on the opportunity so I jumped on it!

I loaded up my girl and my two dogs in the truck and headed north to LA. Since I have been living down here in San Diego, it was a pretty mellow drive.

That night we checked in the Beverly Hills Hilton and met up with my Rockstar family for some dinner at Benihana! It was super nice to relax with some friends because I knew the next day was going to be really hectic!

The next morning I woke up nice and early, and took the dogs out for a walk and we cruised along the famous Santa Monica Boulevard. It was crazy seeing all the Bentleys and Ferraris rolling around.

After our walk it was time to head to the studios. Me and all the other snowboarders that were invited to the shoot hopped in a limo bus and were brought to the studios in the center of the city. It’s fun to be around all these people when we aren't in a snowboarding or competing environment. I found out when I arrived at Smashbox that I had an assistant for the day, which was pretty awesome. She brought me into the studio and put me right into the hair and makeup chair. For real… hair and makeup! I got powder-puffed and headed off to my first interview. I was nervous going into this first one because I did not know what to expect. Turns out it was pretty normal and I got right into a good interview groove, so that was awesome. It has been a struggle to become really good at doing interviews but practicing it so much over the years it has turned into something I enjoy and really excel at!

So the next two hours it was one interview after the next! Each one lasted about 20 minutes and had anywhere from two to 20 people working on set! After like three hours of that, I was stoked to break for lunch, but that did not last long either! Haha.

A lot of the interviews were really fun. For one of them I got dressed in all of my shred gear and walked into a set with crazy mountain props and an epic sunset background. They had me pose with my board while fake snow was falling! The production on this particular set was really cool and there was about 20 people running around making it happen!

My favorite shoot of the day was with E! News. The style of the interview was like a talk show, so I turned up my personality and really made it fun! The girl interviewing me was the famous Catt Sadler from E! News, and she was not hard to work with by any means. We had great chemistry and this interview was my most successful one of the day! Catt was pretty stoked on my passion for the Rocky movies so that was fun.

About five more interviews and several photo shoots went down and then the day wrapped up! I managed to finish out the day from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. with practically no breaks, and I was really stoked to make the most out of the opportunity.

It was crazy to see how much hard work goes into a production like that. I felt really great about being able to tell my story and to have so many people excited about my Olympic dreams. I can’t wait to see some of these interviews come out next year during the buildup of the Olympics.