Biking to increase aerobic capacity and work on our endurance


Well, I’m a bit late on this update as we are well underway in our prep phase for Sochi, but I’d like to share a few thoughts and memories of our pre- pre-season.

Beginning in early April we started laying a foundation of endurance and strength that supports our more quality efforts, which will come later in the training year. Basically our first three months are spent increasing total weekly volumes of endurance training and strength as our bodies adapt and we can handle the increasing load. This past week, for instance, I’ve built up to the point where I am doing 18 hours of cardio training, including one “race pace” effort and one sub-maximal workout, with the rest being primarily easy (or as we call it, level 1) training

Now that snow has left the foothills, we are breaking our training into running, cycling, roller skiing and, if we feel like getting up really early and driving to the mountains, some on-snow skiing as well. Now 18 hours does not sound like a lot but throw six to eight hours in the weight room doing heavy lifting on top of that and it starts to take its toll. To top it off my teammates and I have been doing actual road cycling events for our “race pace” efforts of the past few weeks and each race has been around 75-90 miles.

Scout on the mountain with me

In any case, recovery in the form of stretching, ice baths and nutrition has been key to surviving these blocks and continuing to build a strong foundation from which we will start to build our peaks later on.

By the numbers:

1 dog named Scout who is so well trained I can’t drop her anymore
4 Strava Koms so far this season on the bike
6 hours in the saddle Tuesday
57 cm vertical jump on Monday (hands on hips)
100 kg deadlift Wednesday
812 miles covered on bikes, skis and foot since April Fools’ Day
5,000 average daily calorie intake
100,000 approximate total feet gained during training
And then there’s 5 … the number of ice baths per week!

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