"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are".

-Theodore Roosevelt

If you are going to be a Nordic skier, you have to live by these words. Snow is fleeting in most of the world, even the mighty Wasatch. As we watch it dissipate, we realign our training accordingly to find fun and challenging ways to do our workouts. Surely roller skiing is the closest thing, but six days a week six months straight would be hard to find motivating so we cross-train.

On Monday, May 13, I attempted to ski Cascade, a large peak near Provo, with teammate Brett Denney and though we eventually did some time on skis, we also hiked and ran a fair amount. Click here for our journey.

It was certainly fun, but a sure sign that summer is on the way!

On Tuesday, we rode bikes for nearly six hours.

And, finally, on Wednesday we did some rollerskiing.

We also lifted very heavy Monday, Wednesday and Friday that week and the pinnacle of my favorite Roosevelt quote came on Saturday when our team did a fun local fundraiser to support local education called “Running with Ed.” We split 38 miles into 10 segments and did two each. Now having not really run at all yet made it incredibly painful, but to try and make it a longer workout we also rode our bikes between each leg. While I don’t have an accurate Strava, I can sum up my own day as such: nine miles of running about 1/3 trail and 2/3 road with 1200’ of elevation gain, while doing about 20 miles of cycling in between.